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By Paul Jordan on 2017-05-19 18:57:00

Here are the WWE Network new additions for the next seven days, according to the programming schedule:

Monday following Raw, it will be a repeat of the UK Championship special.

Tuesday will be the double shot of "205 Live" and "Talking Smack" at 10 PM Eastern and 10:45 PM Eastern respectively.

Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern it will be a new WWE NXT featuring the following:

*The debut of "The Velveteen Dream" Patrick Clark

*Alister Black in action

*Wesley Blake versus Drew McIntyre

Thursday at 5 PM, it will be a "First Look" at the new Seth Rollins DVD "Building the Architect" coming May 30.

Friday at 9 PM, it will be a first run on the live stream March 9, 1987 edition of Primetime Wrestling.

Saturday at 3 PM Eastern it will be "This Week in WWE."

Sunday The Network will air for the first time on the live stream Raw from May 16th and Smackdown from May 19 followed by Extreme Rules 2016 all beginning at 11 AM Eastern.

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