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By Mike Johnson on 2017-05-19 10:00:00

I've seen it reported online that Kenny Omega hasn't worked for ROH due to visa issues but then he shows up at yesterday's New Japan taping.  What happened?

I haven't heard nor do I ever recall reporting Omega had visa issues.    I think it's more a case of ROH not bringing in Omega.  There has been talk a few times over the last year of him coming in to work shows, including Supercard of Honor earlier this year, but then it never happened.   That doesn't sound like a visa issue, because I don't believe New Japan would advertise him for July if they couldn't deliver.  That's not how that company runs.

Whatever happened to Impact running live events again?

We have heard there is a plan in place but they are taking their time and being very cautious so as not to spend money on events that are needless.  Anthem has dropped a ton of money into Impact, which had considerable debt, and they are not going to do anything that is going to add to the bleeding, obviously.

When is ROH announcing the Field of Honor show in Brooklyn?

We are told there will no Field of Honor event this year but they intend to run MCU Field again in 2018.  I was told it was a scheduling issue.

Has there been any talk of Vader in the WWE Hall of Fame?

While obviously deserving, I have yet to hear of any concrete plans to induct Vader.

How far in advance does WWE plan out their programming, their creative and the touring of their live events?

We are told they have WWE Network plans, at least tentative plans for original content they will create and add, mapped out 6-9 months in advance.  WWE touring schedules are usually locked in at least 12 months in advance, if not more.  Creative is week to week with a tentative long-term outlook that changes as often as Vince McMahon blinks.  Everything can change on a dime based on Vince's call in all aspects of the company.

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