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By Mike Johnson on 2017-05-16 17:34:00

Combat Zone Wrestling is extremely happy with advance sales for their 8/5 "Once In A Lifetime" event headlined by Japanese legend Atsushi Onita vs. Matt Tremont in a barbed wire explosion match.  While the match has been announced for Voorhees, NJ at the Flyers Skatezone, the company is still waiting for permits to go through that will allow them to run there.  They already have two potential "Plan B" sites.  We are told the 2300 Arena is not in the running for the show.  The first two rows are already sold out and tickets are selling well.   With Onita announcing he is planning to retire, this will be a one and done.    I've had a number of people write me about doing a bus trip from NYC to the event and I am mulling that over.  If anyone is interested, please drop me a line.

RAIJIN-Yaguchi and Hideki Hosaka are also coming in for the event and will be working the undercard.  CZW has already purchased the flights for the talents coming in from Japan.

This Friday will be the third anniversary of the company's Dojo Wars mini-promotion, sort of CZW's version of NXT.  The show will feature David Starr vs. DJ Hyde.

Hyde will be taking a step back from the creative side of the company starting officially with the 7/8 return to Voorhees. This is something that has been planned for some time with Sami Callihan taking on the creative reigns officially as of that show.  Callihan has been involved in creative for a few months, but will officially control the direction of the company going forward, with the only exception being material material related to the United Wrestling Network, which Dave Marquez has approval over. 

The company started a new direction over the weekend with Lio Rush winning the CZW championship and Maxwell Jacob Feinstein capturing the CZW Wired championship.   Hyde will be working specifically on backstage matters going forward and leave talent issues to Callihan. 

A tagline the company will be using going forward, related to Callihan working on the creative end is "Wrestling for our generation, by our generation."

There will be some talent changeovers coming forward.  Expect AR Fox back on a regular basis.  Masada, who is back living in the Northeast is also expected back more often.  In a conversation with me this afternon, Hyde stated there may be others who come in or will be rotated out of the company but declined to comment on names, saying nothing was 100% set in stone.

The next big event for the company is the 6/10 Tournament of Death in Delaware.  The company has a 2 PM belltime for that and will officially announce their stipulations next week.  The creative for the stips has been completed already and a lot of the material needed for the tournament has already been purchased and is in the process of being contstructed. British star Jimmy Havoc will be working the tournament, again being held on Markland Acre Farms in Townsend, Delaware, owned by DJ Hyde's family.  The lineup is as follows:

First Round

*Jimmy Havoc vs. John Wayne Murdoch vs. Rickey Shane Page
*G-Raver vs.. Jeff Cannonball
*Masada vs. Shlak
*Conor Claxton vs. Clint Margera

Non-tournament: Matt Tremont vs. Mad Man Pondo

Viceland are slated to be at the TOD filming another documentary.

The 7/8 Voorhees, NJ event has been titled "Evilution."

CZW vs. Freelance Wrestling II is set for 7/21 at Logan Square in Chicago, IL>

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