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By Mike Johnson & Paul Jordan on 2017-05-16 14:06:00

Spike in the UK is moving Impact Wrestling to 10 PM this Friday.  It returns to its normal timeslot next week.

No update on World of Sport and the impression from sources on the British side is that it may be some time before there is an update.

Next up for Impact are the TV tapings in Mumbai, India on 5/30 and 5/31, which will lead directly into the 7/2 Slammiversary PPV.

Dutch Mantel wrote on Twitter, "Folks...there's some things I could tell you that you'd SYH (shake your head) at. You can't write this stuff.   Coming soon. Stay tuned. @@RealJeffJarrett"

Former TNA President Dixie Carter stated on her Instagram that she had just flown to one of her favorite countries to film a TV show.    Carter had tried several times to get a reality show about herself going in the past, filming a sizzle reel at TNA events.  She had also been involved with pilot TNA produced for a potential reality series titled Soccer Moms back during her time with the company.

Impact has released new shirts for Rosemary and James Storm.

The Fight Network released the following Adaptation video on Allie:


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