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By Marco Piva on 2017-05-16 08:22:00

Sunday 14th May 2017, Islington Assembly Hall, London (England)

ICW Friday Night Fight Club on tour

Attendance: around 250 people

Results of the show

BT Gunn defeats Davey Blaze

Grado defeats Stevie Boy

Ravie Davie answered Roy Johnson’s “Wasteman Challenge”. As he seemed to be winning, Johnson attacked him; the two brawled.

Iestyn Rees called out a “local talent” for his “Catch of the Day” match, but nobody turned up. Mark Coffey came out and challenged Rees to a match there and then; Rees accepted.

Iestyn Rees defeats Mark Coffey with help from The Marauders

Jack Jester defeats Wolfgang

ZeroG Title 
Kenny Williams [c] defeats Sha Samuels

After the match, Samuels announced that he had a change of heart: he will not leave ICW, and he accepts Grado’s challenge to a match at Shug’s Hoose Party

Tag Team Title 
The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) [c] defeat The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter) 
This was the Hunters’ ICW debut

Chris Renfrew vs Lionheart didn’t happen

After Renfrew got on the ring, ICW owner Mark Dallas came out saying that Lionheart refused to wrestle after, the previous day, his rival Joe Hendry had jumped the barrier to accept his challenge. 
The Filthy Generation (Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray) attacked Renfrew as the word OBEY flashed on the screens. As soon as it was replaced by the word RISE, Renfrew fought back and laid out cold Kay Lee Ray, putting a white mask on her face

World Heavyweight Title 
Joe Coffey [c] defeated Dave Mastiff 
The match was fought under traditional rules (DQs, countouts…) on Coffey’s request, but eventually he won after a low blow while the referee was distracted.

The next show is on Sunday 28th May 2017, at the Garage in Glasgow (Scotland)

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