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By Mike Johnson on 2017-05-15 15:45:00

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross announced this afternoon that he and Nigel McGuinness will be calling the WWE UK Championship match at Takeover this Saturday in Chicago at the Allstate Arena:

Ross and McGuinness are slated to film on cameras and handle voiceovers later this week on the WWE UK Championship Network special that will air on Friday.  It's pretty ironic that the planned ITV World of Sport project in Great Britain led to WWE offering Ross a deal to instead be one of the voices of their own UK-centric project.

This Sunday at 2 PM, prior to the WWE Backlash PPV, Ross will be performing his one man show at Zanies.  Jeremy Borash will be working as the emcee.  For details on that, visit

I will be joining Ross on his podcast thus Tuesday to discuss Backlash and whatever other topics JR decides to throw at me as well.

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