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By Mike Johnson on 2017-05-14 21:13:00

WWE champion Randy Orton decided to take to Twitter to knock Bully Ray and independent talents tonight, noting he was doing so while having a few drinks following the final Smackdown live event of the current European tour in Denmark.

It all began when long-time wrestler and trainer Rip Rogers opted to knock the way professional wrestling matches were put together as well as the overuse of dives in matches yesterday, also on Twitter, leading to a lot of criticism and responses from talents and fans of the current independent wrestling scene:

That led to Bully Ray, today, posting the following, utilizing a photo from the ROH War of the Worlds PPV this past Friday in New York City:

This led to Orton responding to Ray:

It should be noted that years ago, Orton broke his foot while wrestling a tag team match against The Dudley Boyz, which may explain the harshness of the comment.

Ray responded to Orton, writing:

As one might imagine, a number of those working the independent scene as well as fans of independent wrestling responded to Orton, lighting up Twitter.  Orton responded by noting he had to apologize, but instead of actually doing so, pointed out how much money he and WWE had made over the course of the European tour, while commenting, "No I know to some that doesn't equate to a standing room only crowd of 150 people paying $8 at an armory somewhere....but in the big boy world, that's call putting asses in seats."


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