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By Mike Johnson on 2017-05-07 10:06:00

TMZ is reporting that WWE star Titus O'Neil is being sued by a cameraman, Donald Anderson, that worked on the first season of WWE Network prank show Swerved.

Anderson is suing for $1.2 million, alleging that when he was filming a segment on 5/18/15 involving WWE stars being shocked with a cattle prod.   According to the story, when Titus was zapped, he kicked the camera out of Anderson's hand.  Anderson alleges he was told to leave the premises following the incident for fear that Titus would continue assaulting him. 

Anderson is claiming that his hand, wrist and fingers were severely damaged in the incident. is working to acquire a copy of the lawsuit and will have further details.

Obviously a takeoff of Jackass, the initial season of Swerved featured pranks being pulled on WWE personalities.  The second season of Swerved differed with talents playing jokes on fans.  WWE has not brought Swerved back for a third season and there are no current plans to bring it back as of this writing.  We had heard several weeks ago that it was due to a potential legal issue but could not confirm that.

Thanks to Paul Jordan for his help. 

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