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By Mike Johnson on 2017-05-05 11:44:00

During yesterday's conference call to discuss the first quarter earnings of 2017, WWE's Michelle Wilson noted that the current plans for the announced WWE Network women's tournament, a 32 competitor event, would take place in the third quarter of the year. has confirmed that the plan is to begin filming episodes of the tournament in July, likely at Full Sail University in Florida (although the idea of filming it elsewhere has not been ruled out), with the series being added to the Network via VOD.    The current plan is to not release the episodes as a weekly episodic series but to release sets of episodes at once.

The tournament would be similar to the Cruiserweight Classic with a big focus being on different international competitors.   We are told there are talents already going through the traditional background checks that take place before WWE offers deals as well.

The current plan is to hold the finals of the tournament as a live WWE Network special on Tuesday 8/29.    With the live special, the current plan is for 8-10 "episodes" total.

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