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By Mike Johnson on 2017-05-02 12:58:00

Sean Waltman was charged with five counts of possession of narcotics intended for sale when he was arrested on 4/29 in Los Angeles, CA at LAX.

According to the arrest report acquired by, Waltman was arrested after a K-9 officer alerted officers to the presence of narcotics in his luggage.  Officers had decided to investigate Waltman's luggage as he was previously on a watch list with the United States Customs and Border Protection agency.

Waltman was stopped on the Jetbridge as he was preparing to board his flight to England, where the K-9 officer was used to check his bags.  Waltman was then taken to a secondary screening area where a search of his bags revealed 15 white meth/amphetamines pills, 23 multi-colored meth/amphetamines pills, 2 THC liquid cigarettes, 56 THC capsules and 3 Cannabis Chocolate Bars.  The narcotics were separated from Waltman's bags and tested to confirm what they were, according to the report.

Given that Waltman told them he was slated to return to Los Angeles on 5/1, the officers made the determination that the amount of pills exceeded the "amount any person can consume" in that time period.  The officers then decided that the narcotics, plus the $736.10 Waltman was carrying were evidence of "narcotics sales."

After being taken into custody, it was learned that Waltman had an outstanding warrant for a previous DUI case.  

It was also noted in the police report that there was also an existing warrant in the State of Pennsylvania for Waltman, but did not specify what that warrant was in regard to.


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