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By Mike Johnson on 2017-04-30 19:00:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of WWE Payback from San Jose, CA.  

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We opened up with shots of the crowd entering the arena in San Jose.  The Kickoff panel are Renee Young, Sam Roberts and Jerry Lawler.  Charly Caruso is in the social media lounge leading an interview with Cesaro and Sheamus.  They talked about the United States championship bout.

Sasha Banks joined the panel to discuss Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss.  Banks was sporting a special t-shirt designed for Bayley's homecoming in San Jose.  Banks said that she beat her last week and questioned how someone who runs away is supposed to be the number one contender.  She said she doesn't know Bliss and predicted Bayley would walk out as champion tonight.  Roberts said that Bliss hasn't made making friends a priority and questioned Banks always being around Bayley.  Bayley asked whether he was starting something and said she was happy to represent her friend.   Lawler said she was a two-time Smackdown champion but Banks responded, "But this is Raw" and said Bayley would win.  Lawler predicted Bliss.   Roberts predicted Bayley.

The panel looked at Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins.  Roberts said Seth was on fire after beating Triple H but the question is whether he can maintain that energy against Samoa Joe.  Lawler said that Joe knows how to work over weak points on someone's body and we know that Rollins has weak points.  Renee questioned what it will mean for Joe if he doesn't get the job done.  Roberts said that Rollins needs to win in order to prove his Wrestlemania win wasn't a fluke.

Gallows and Anderson vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Big reaction for Enzo and Cass.  No sign of the beating Enzo took on Monday.  

Their mic work was based around Anderson and Gallows' attack on Enzo.

Enzo and Anderson started.  Anderson gained control very early on and began working over Amore's left arm.  Gallows tagged in and kicked the arm, continuing the assaults.   Anderson tagged back in and continued working it over, focusing on the elbow.  Enzo tried to roll him up but Gallows had already tagged in and attacked him.  Enzo rolled out to the floor as they went to an inexplicable commercial to promote the Network.

When they returned, Gallows had Enzo in an armbar.  Enzo tried to fight back but was caught with a knee to the gut.  Gallows was caught with a DDT out of nowhere.  Enzo almost made the tag but Anderson cut him off and knocked him out of the ring.  He brought Enzo back in but was kicked off during a charge.  Cass implored him to made the tag but Gallows pulled him off the apron.  Anderson worked over Amore and scored a two count.

Enzo finally made the tag after slipping through Gallows' legs.  Cass nailed a big boot and an Empire Elbow.    Cass went for the Stinger Splash but Anderson pulled him out of the way.  Enzo made the tag with the idea that he was disoriented but was blasted off the apron to the floor immediately.  Gallows and Anderson brought him back into the ring and went for the Magic Killer but Cass hit the ring and nailed them both  Enzo stole a pinfall on Gallows with a small package.

Your winners, Enzo Amore and Big Cass!

Backstage, the Hardys were going over their strategy backstage when The Golden Truth arrived and greeted them.  They said the Hardys were the adrenaline shot the tag team division needed and they had inspired them.  They went to Kurt Angle and issued a challenge to the winners of tonight's Raw Tag Team championship.  Matt was sliding into his Broken character a bit.

Sheamus and Cesaro took part in questions for the social media lounge.  They said their strategy tonight against the Hardys was to win  Sheamus said they don't have a plan, they are just going to be the hardest hitters in WWE, just as they do every week.  Cesaro said they clearly haven't talked strategy yet and they bantered.  Cesaro blew off the idea that the Hardys are a better team because they have been teaming longer.  Sheamus said they want the competition and their "nostalgia" thing is going to slowly fade away.  He did not say it would classify itself as obsolete.  They were asked who is the better athlete out of the two of them.  Sheamus asked who really asked that and wondered if it was the Hardys trying to cause an issue between them.  Sheamus slipped in he was the better athlete. Cesaro said it was great for Sheamus to be here and look up to Cesaro.  They had some good banter between them.  They finally agreed they were the best two athletes in WWE and promised they would win the titles tonight and carry them onto the European tour next week.

The panel discussed the Tag Team championship bout before heading into talk for the House of Horrors match.

MizTV with Finn Balor

Miz knocked the audience and introduced Balor.  Miz complained his entrance took five minutes and was annoyed the fans cheered it.  He questioned, "What is this?" in response to the fans' big reaction.  Balor said it was The Balor Club.  Miz asked what that was and whether Miz and Maryse could join, mocking it.  Balor said it wasn't his call, it was a Club decision and asked the fans.  They booed the idea.  Miz said that Balor has so much promise when he came to WWE, because everywhere he went, he became a star and a champion.  

Miz recapped his last year with the injury and having to give up the Universal championship and asked whether Balor felt like a failure.  Balor said that if being a failure was tearing his labrum, dislocating his shoulder and still finishing and winning the match, then yes, he was a failure.   Miz said he was and all his fans were losers.  He said Balor was too small and fights with his heart instead of his brain.  Miz said that while he was out, Miz was holding his arm up with the IC title in Smackdown while Balor was rehabbing his arm.  

Balor was asked what was next for him.  Balor said he was going to get his title back.  Yes!  Miz reminded him who the Universal champion was, Brock Lesnar.  Miz mocked him for it and said even he was bigger than Balor.  Balor said he liked beating men bigger than him.  He said Miz could join the Balor Club or the "Finn Balor just kicked my a**" club.   Maryse stepped between them.  Balor said every episode of MizTV ends with Miz getting his ass kicked but he's going to be the bigger man and went to leave.  He said Miz wasn't worth it.

Miz got angry they played Balor's music and ripped on Balor.  Balor nailed him with Sling Blade and wiped him out before putting his jacket back on and walked out.

WWE Payback PPV Coverage

WWE United States champion Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho

Owens attacked Jericho at the bell but Jericho made a comeback and knocked him off the apron to the floor.  Jericho teased a dive to the floor but Owens rolled back into the ring.  Jericho nailed a flying elbow to the sternum for a two count.   Owens reversed a whip and sent Jericho into the corner but was caught with a running bulldog.  Jericho went for the Lionsault but Owens rolled out of the ring.  Jericho followed but was smacked down into the apron.  Owens whipped him into the barricade and nailed a running cannonball against the barricade.

Jericho was almost counted out but beat the referee's count.  Owens nailed a back senton splash for a two count and cinched in a side chinlock, trying to wear him down.  Jericho fought to his feet but was snapped down with a neckbreaker for a two count.   Owens went back to the chinlock.     Jericho made it to his feet but was clotheslined down.  Owens continued working over Jericho, beating on his back.

Owens choked Jericho against the ropes and drilled him with an elbow in the head.  Owens was drilled with several chops but cut off Jericho and returned to the side chinlock.   Owens worked over Jericho who was sent back to the floor.  Jericho returned before the count.  Jericho fired up with a series of chops.  Jericho came off the ropes with a shot and attempted to turn Owens over into the Walls of Jericho.  Jericho was pushed off but nailed an enziguiri for a two count.

Jericho stomped at Owens and drilled him with a left.  Jericho chopped away at him in the corner.   He whipped Owens into the corner but was drilled with a big superkick for a two count.   Great moment.  Jericho came back and went for a Lionsault but Owens pulled his knees up for a two count.  Jericho and Owens battled and finally, Jericho locked in the Walls.  San Jose went nuts for this.  Owens tried to hang on and battled to the ropes and placed one finger onto the bottom ropes, playing off Wrestlemania.

Jericho, angry, went right after Owens' stomping and kicking Owens' arm and finger.  They went to the floor, where Jericho trapped his arm behind the ring steps and kicked it.  Corey Graves said Jericho may have just crippled the new finger of America.    Owens was tossed back in the ring, where the official wanted to check on him and held Jericho back.  Owens used that distraction to nail and roll up Jericho for a two count.  He went for a Pop-up Powerbomb but Jericho slipped past him and locked in the Walls of Jericho.

Owens fought to the ropes but when he went to use his hand he couldn't extend his fingers because of the injury and finally tapped.

Your winner and new WWE United States Chris Jericho!

Very good opening match with a hell of a story.  Nice surprise with Jericho winning.

The announcers noted that with the win, Jericho is going to the Smackdown roster.

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