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By Andrew Twiss on 2017-04-29 23:40:00

Here are full results from NXT Live in Orlando, FL.

Christy St Cloud and Vic Joseph are the hosts for the evening.

- Jeet Rama def  Wesley Blake by DQ. - Blake is wearing new gear with a leather jacket and drinking beer. He's angrier than usual. The match with Rama is really short, only a minute or two. Blake is being thrown all over the place until Steve Cutler runs in. The two beat Rama down.

- Lana (w/Mary Kate) def. Sarah Bridges - Mary Kate brought a chair out to the entrance for Lana to do her dance. The match itself was decent. Lana has some nice kicks in her arsenal. There are still some rough edges to her game, but that's something that gets better with experience. Kate (the former Andrea) was working as a manager for Lana. She was also using an accent, so if her character ends up with Lana on TV, it might end up being as another Russian character.

- One of the Chinese recruits was brought out for an interview (unfortunately, I didn't catch his name). He gave a very basic interview, saying that Orlando is his new home and that his nickname is Rocky because the movie series inspired him. After the promo, he was attacked and laid out by Sawyer Fulton, who has recently come from injury.

- Babatunde def  Brennan Williams - Big guy battle!!! This is a battle of two 300 plus pund guys. The work was very slow for the most part, building up the suspense of whether Williams could get the giant up for a bodyslam. He did it, but was unsuccessful a second time and lost the match  

- Oney Lorcan def. Adrian Jaoude - The first if of this match was all grappling. Nothing but mat work. It's a nice change of pace. The action picked up in the second half as the two started exchanging blows. It was weird, though, that just as the action was picking up Lorcan caught Jaoude with a backslide for the win.

- Joseph and St. Cloud begin their usual pre-intermission speech, but Jeet Rama comes back out, demanding Cutler and Blake. After a minute, the two oblige. As they circle the ring, Rama gets ready to fight when he gets unexpected help from Buddy Murphy. A match is made 

- Jeet Rama and Buddy Murphy def. Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler - I say it all the time, but it's true. Buddy Murphy is incredible in the ring and it's stunning NXT isn't doing more with him. He moves with incredible speed and grace inside the ring and is an underrated flyer. His double knee stomp from the top is a thing of beauty. As for the opponents, they are two solid workers who worked a solid match, cutting off the ring and working the limb. Hopefully,  this more aggressive presentation for the two leads to something. They're too talented to not have a role on TV.

-Heavy Machinery dev. Street Prophets (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) - These four were great at getting the crowd fired up again. They worked a bearhug spot for several minutes, and instead of the crowd being bored, they were totally into it. Everybody looked good.

- Mandy Rose def. Liv Morgan - A good match. Mandy continues to improve and reallydoes have that superstar look. 

- Kassius Ohno def. Riddick Moss (w/Tino Sabbatelli) - This was really the Riddick Moss show. He dominated most of the match a d looked good doing it. He had an impressive fallaway slam on Ohno that nearly won it. Moss and Sabbatelli would get too cocky, though and tried for interference that ended up backfiring. 

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