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By Mike Johnson on 2017-04-22 23:35:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage from House of Hardcore 25 from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA!  

Stephen DeAngelis came out to an "ECW" chant.  He asked everyone to stand for a ten bell salute in honor of the late Matt Anoa'i, who received a huge ovation and a "Rosey" chant after the ten bells.

The commentary team is Matt Camp and Danny Morrison.

Chuckles vs. Matt Striker

Chuckles was a clown.    He and Striker locked up and Chuckles ended up on the floor.  The fans chanted for Striker to kick the clown's a**.    Chuckles took his time and returned to the ring but was being out-wrestled and covered by Striker over and over again.  Striker even whipped out a rolling La Magistral attempt.  He continued working over the clown and tossed him across the ring by his beard.   Chuckles gained control and drilled Striker across the back.   He choked Striker against the ropes and nailed a suplex for a two count.

Chuckles ripped at Striker's face and sent him into the corner.  Striker kicked off several charge attempts and hit a sunset flip for a two count.  Chuckles attempted to do a takeoff of the People's Elbow but Striker nailed him with a Rock Bottom.  Striker used a crossface but Chuckles rolled out and nailed an Attitude Adjustment.  Lots of boos for that.   Striker finally nailed a Pedigree for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Striker!

Alex Reynolds with Maxwell Jacob Feinstein & Maria Manic vs. Little Guido

Manic is a very beautiful young blonde.  Feinstein is a regular with CZW.

Nice "Guido" chant before the bell.

Guido took him down to the mat but Reynolds made it to the ropes.  Guido nailed a series of armdags and hiptosses.  Guido took him down with an armbar.  Reynolds made it to the ropes and offered a hand to Guido.  Guido said the hell with that and chopped the hell out of Reynolds, then rebounded off the ropes where Feinstein grabbed his leg.  Reynolds charged him but Guido saw it coming and sent him through the ropes, where he was sent to the floor on Feinstein.  Guido followed but was nailed.

Reynolds tossed him back in the ring and covered Guido for several two counts.  He scored another after a suplex.  The Arena started chanting, "Let's go Guido" but Reynolds distracted the referee as Feinstein choked Guido against the ropes.  Reynolds continued to control Guido and scored several two counts.  He cinched in an armbar.  Guido fought his way out but was nailed with a double knee strike.

Reynolds went to the top for a moonsault but missed when Guido rolled out of the way.  Guido nailed the Sicilian Slice for a two count.  Reynolds fought back but was caught with a tiltowhirl into an armbar.   Feinstein got on the apron to argue with Guido, who was rolled up for a two count.  Reynolds knocked Guido into the corner but was kicked off.  Manic got on the apron and challenged Guido, so he kissed her.  Big pop for that.

Guido went for the Killswitch but was kicked low.  Reynolds locked in a submission and forced Guido to tap.

Your winner, Alex Reynolds!

Reynolds took the mic after the match.  Before he said a word, the crowd was booing him and chanting "Shut the f*** up."   He tried to speak but was booed.  He said he was tired of these ECW rejects.  The crowd kept booing him.  They chanted "Go away."  He said he was tired of all the legends.  He pointed out WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat in the crowd and told him to go away.  He said this was 2017 and his time and his spotlight.  The crowd chanted for Steamboat.  Steamboat headed towards the ring.  

Steamboat took the mic and said named a bunch of legends that fans love, like Rick Rude, Ric Flair and Randy Savage.  He said the Hardcore Hall of Fame banners mention ECW and Tommy Dreamer.  He said these people paved the way for the talents today.  Reynolds and Feinstein tried to intimidate him but the Dragon unloaded with chops and left them laying.  He said that maybe now they will go back to the locker room and think about what he said.  He then thanked for the fans for all the years they gave him during his career.  He then raised Guido's arm and praised him on the mic.

TJ Marconi & The Now - Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus vs. John Score & Pat Buck & Tom ?

The Now worked over Score early on.  They worked over Score.  He tagged out to Tom.  Marconi wiped him out with a big boot.  They chanted "You fat f***" at him.  Marconi came off the ropes with an elbow.  Buck tagged in and unloaded with some cool offense.   He went for a lariat but Marconi didn't move.  Buck came back with a nice rana.    Marconi dumped the ref to the floor.  The Now and Marconi worked over them until Blue Meanie hit the ring and attacked them.   He was attacked by Vik's three valets.  Velvet Sky made the save.  The heels worked over the babyfaces but Sandman's music hit.  The cue actually came a little early.  Out came the Sandman, two days removed from hernia surgery, to a massive pop, caning everything in sight as everyone sang alone.  Somehow, this never, ever gets old.

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