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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-04-21 01:22:00

Tonight, eight men will have a chance to move one step closer to a Ring of Honor World Title Match.  Which team of four will advance to see who gets to move into the title match?

We are in Las Vegas, Nevada and your announcers are Ian Riccaboni and Kevin Kelly.

Match Number One:  Caprice Coleman (with Kenny King) versus Chris Sabin

They lock up and Coleman messes with Sabin’s hair on the break and pats him on the chest.  Coleman with a knee and punch to Sabin followed by a wrist lock.  Sabin tries for a kip up and Coleman sees it coming and he applies a side head lock.  Coleman holds on by grabbing the beard and he maintains the side head lock.  Sabin with a reversal and back heel kick.  Coleman with an Irish whip and Sabin floats over.  Sabin with an enzuigiri and DDT off a back breaker for a near fall.

Coleman goes to the floor.  Sabin kicks Coleman on the apron.  Sabin goes to the floor and he waits for Coleman to get up.  King does his pose and Coleman with a thumb to the eye.  Coleman with a swinging kick on the ring post.  Coleman with a springboard drop kick for a near fall as Lio Rush makes his way to ringside.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Coleman with an Irish whip.  Sabin floats over but Coleman does not charge into the corner.  Coleman with two rolling Northern Lights suplexes and follows with a third for a near fall.  Coleman misses a clothesline and Sabin with a back slide for a near fall.  Coleman with a sunset flip but Sabin rolls through and hits a kick to the chest. 

Sabin with a running back elbow into the corner and then he goes up top and hits a missile drop kick.  Sabin with a running boot into the corner followed by a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.  Coleman with elbows when Sabin gets him on the shoulders.  Coleman sends Sabin into the corner but Sabin with a boot.  Coleman with a jumping rana.

Coleman with a running snap mare driver for a near fall.  Coleman goes up top but Sabin moves and Coleman rolls through.  Sabin is sent to the apron and he hits a running senton onto King on the floor.  Sabin with a shoulder from the turnbuckles.  Sabin goes for a sunset flip and King grabs on to Coleman to keep him from going over.  The referee looks angered and Rush kicks King and Coleman’s arms to allow Sabin to get the three count.

Winner:  Chris Sabin

We take a look at the Six Man Tag Title Match from last week.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  Rocky Romero and Trent Baretta versus Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara

Trent and Will start things off.  Rocky wants to tag in and Trent allows it.  Rocky wants to face Cheeseburger and he makes the tag.  Rocky pushes Cheeseburger but Cheeseburger with a forearm.  They go back and forth.  Rocky with a side head lock and Rocky with a shoulder tackle but Cheeseburger does not go down.  He tries for a second one and he gets the same result.  The third one sends Cheeseburger off the ropes and Cheeseburger with a shoulder tackle.  Trent tries to interfere but Cheeseburger with a thrust kick and a kick to the chest.  Will and Cheeseburger with splashes into the corner. 

Rocky and Cheeseburger go round and round in the center of the ring and Cheesburger and Rocky both go into wheelbarrow moves and Trent and Will send them into each other with Romero gaining the advantage.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rocky with an Irish whip and he winds up for the Forever Clotheslines but Cheeseburger stops him with a clothesline of his own.  Ferrara and Trent tag in and Will with a clothesline to Trent and an elbow to Rocky.  Will sends Rocky into Trent and then he sends Rocky face first to the mat.  Will with a leaping flatline to Trent for a near fall.  Trent goes for a shoulder in the corner but Will moves and Trent hits the ring post.  Will with a suicide dive but Romero with a flying knee off the apron to Will. 

Trent drops Ferrara on the top rope and Rocky with a springboard drop kick and Trent with a flying knee for a near fall.  They set for Strong Zero but Cheeseburger with a palm strike to Rocky and then he hits a super kick on Trent that allows Will to hit Code Red.  Ferrara gets set for a crucifix and Cheeseburger with a palm strike to help Ferrara get Trent over.  Cheeseburger with a jackknife cover but Rocky breaks it up.

Rocky kicks Cheeseburger but Cheeseburger with a punch.  Cheeseburger with a running forearm and Rocky goes to the floor.  Cheeseburger with a pescado onto Rocky.  Trent and Will exchange forearms.  Will with a running forearm into the corner but Trent with an elbow.  Ferrara with forearms and a German suplex.  Trent blocks a Tornado DDT attempt and Rocky and Trent hit Strong Zero for the three count.

Winners:  Trent Baretta and Rocky Romero

After the match, Ferrara leaves the ring while Cheeseburger shakes hands with Trent and Rocky.

We take a look at the Top Prospect Tournament so far.

Match Number Three:  Jay White, Silas Young, Adam Page, and Jay Lethal versus Colt Cabana, Bobby Fish, Lio Rush, and Hanson in an Wild Card Eight Man Tag Team Match

White starts for his team and Cabana wants to start for his team but Rush slaps Cabana and he wants to start.  Hanson stands behind Rush to support him and Cabana goes to the apron.

Rush and White shake hands.  They go to a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and Rush and White with standing switches and White with a take down but Rush with a hammer lock.  White with a side head lock take down.  White with a wrist lock and Rush rolls through to reverse and he sends White down with an arm drag.  Rush lands on his feet on a flip by White and then he lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt.  Rush goes for a springboard rana but White holds on and Rush lands on his feet.  Rush and White avoid kicks from the other.

Young comes in and he applauds their work and you can tell he does not mean it.  Young wants to be tagged in and White obliges.  Hanson tags himself in and Young is not so anxious.  Lethal gets on the ropes and he taunts his own partner.  Young tags in Lethal by chopping him.  Lethal and Young push each other and Page and White try to separate them but the four partners start to brawl with each other as we go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage from commercial of the continuing battle between Young, Lethal, White, and Page (who are still partners in the match).  Lethal runs into a forearm from Cabana and Cabana with a double jump splash for a near fall.  Cabana sends Lethal into the turnbuckles and Hanson tags in.  Hanson with a knee to the midsection and then he uses his beard while he has Lethal in a chin lock.  Hanson and Lethal exchange punches and Hanson with a slam.  Fish tags in and hits a slingshot senton and he gets a near fall.  Lethal with a European uppercut but Fish with a kick to the chest and Lethal goes down.

Fish with a suplex and he gets a near fall.  Fish with a forearm that staggers Lethal.  Young with a knee to Fish’s back and Page with a clothesline on the apron.  Lethal argues with Young and Page tags in and he sends Fish into the turnbuckles and rakes the eyes on the ropes.  Page catapults Fish’s throat into the bottom rope and he gets a near fall.  Young tags in and he kicks Fish.  Young with a knee and chop followed by a snap mare and drop kick.  Page tags back in and Fish with forearms.

Page with a drop kick for a near fall.  Page with forearms to the back.  Lethal tags in and then Young tags himself in.  Young with a suplex and he gets a near fall.  Young runs his laces across the face and he kicks Fish before Page comes in.  Page with a suplex and he gets a near fall.  Young tags back in and he kicks Fish and connects with an elbow and he sends Fish into the turnbuckles as we go to commercial.

We are back and Young with forearms to Fish.  Page holds the ropes open and Fish falls to the floor.  Page with a shooting star shoulder tackle off the apron.  Fish is sent back into the ring and Fish escapes Misery.  Young with a rolling Death Valley Driver for a near fall.  Page tags in and Young with a forearm.  Young runs into a boot and Fish misses a kick on Page but he connects.  Fish with an Exploder to Page that sends him into Young. 

Hanson tags in and he knocks Lethal and White off the apron.  Hanson with clotheslines to Page and Young.  Lethal is added into Page’s corner as Hanson continues.  White is sent to join Young as this continues from Hanson.  Rush tags in and Hanson slams Page.  Hanson slams Rush onto Page and Hanson wants Rush to slam him onto Page and Rush does it.  Rush gets a near fall.  All eight men battle.  They have Lethal in the ring and Fish runs him into the corner.  Cabana with the Flying A**hole to Lethal followed by a clothesline from Hanson and a tornado DDT from Rush for a near fall.  Everyone is pulled out of the ring leaving Lethal and Rush in there.  Rush with a forearm but Lethal misses a clothesline.  Rush with a flip dive onto everyone.  Lethal goes for a cutter but Rush lands on his hands to block it.  Rush with a round kick.  Young goes for a full nelson slam but Rush counters with an arm drag.  Young with a back breaker followed by a clothesline. 

Fish with a Samoan drop but White with a sleeper suplex.  Hanson with a cartwheel and clothesline to White.  Page with a slingshot clothesline to Hanson followed by a forearm to Cabana.  Cabana with a forearm to Page.  Lethal with a Lethal Combination after Page is knocked off the apron by Lethal. 
Lethal goes to tag in Page, but Page walks away because of Lethal knocking him off the apron.  Frankie Kazarian attacks Page on the stage and they fight to the back.  Rush with a rollup for a near fall.   Rush with a super kick and a power bomb.  Rush goes up top and he goes for a frog splash but Lethal gets his knees up and then Lethal with Lethal Injection for the three count.

Winners:  Adam Page, Jay Lethal, Jay White, and Silas Young

We go to credits.

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