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By Stuart Carapola on 2017-04-20 21:55:00

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

The show opens with a message paying tribute to the late Matt "Rosey" Anoa'i, then we go to the show where James Storm arrives at the arena for his shot at the TNA World Title.  Also arriving earlier today, World Champion Bobby Lashley!

We see a video package hyping tonight's Lashley-Storm match, and what being the Impact World Champion means to each of them.  We hit the opening video, then we're off to the Impact Zone as our announce team of Jeremy Borash and the Pope welcome us to the show, then we go to the ring for our opening match...

World Tag Team Champions LAX vs Joe Coleman & Jake Holmes

Santana and Coleman start us off, and Santana quickly floors Coleman with a running back elbow.  Ortiz tags in for an enziguiri/backdrop suplex combo.  Suplex/crossbody combo gets 2, but Coleman rolls past LAX and makes a tag to Holmes, who comes in and turns Ortiz inside out with a bicycle kick.  Santana catches Holmes with an Ace Crusher, then they hit Cannonball In Motion followed by the Street Sweeper for the win.

Winners: LAX

Squash win to start us off.  Konnan says he is serious like a late period, and it's time to take the power out of the hands of the good old boys.  He introduces his entire crew, informing us that Diamonte checks hos, but he is interrupted by Decay.  They start brawling in the entryway and then the fight spills into the ring where Abyss lays out Ortiz and Homicide before Santana nails him with a missile dropkick.  Crazzzzzzzzzy Steve gets in the ring and works Santana over while Konnan sneaks in behind and nails Steve as we abruptly cut to commercial.

We come back and see what we just saw, then Karen Jarrett comes to the ring and says that they've made a lot of changes since the ownership change, and she's happy to announce that Impact Wrestling and GFW have merged.  The fans seem happy about that one and chant "thank you Karen" as she continues to say that tonight is the Night of Champions, and runs down the title matches tonight.  Sonjay Dutt comes out to the ring and gives Karen a big hug, and he says it feels great to be back in the Impact Zone.  He reintroduces himself, then talks about helping to build the X Division, then suggests making the X Division Title match the main event and adding him to it.  He came here on his own dime to do what he never has by winning the X Division Title.  Andrew Everett comes out to the ring and says that he respects what Sonjay has done, but he has fought through Gregory Biff Terrence Alfred Shane Helms' gauntlet, and he alone deserves a title shot tonight.  Helms and Trevor Lee come out and says that he's the guy to talk to about the X Division Title.  Helms runs both opponents down and says that if Dutt was here for all those years and never won a title, he probably never will.  Bruce Prichard finally comes out and tells Helms that he doesn't run anything around here, and if he can speak on behalf of Dutch Mantel and Karen, we'll get a little crazy since we're live tonight.  He likes Sonjay's idea so much that he's making it a six-way match involving the three men in the ring, and three more to be decided later.  Helms and Lee decide to attack Everett and Dutt, but Everett and Dutt lay Lee out and make Helms head for the hills.  Everett and Dutt grab the X Division Title belt and play tug of war with it.

Anthony Mayweather, who we used to know as Crimson, tells his story about never knowing his father and having a tough upbringing.  Now that he's a father, he realized he needs to be a better man and be there for him instead of partying in Cleveland and winding up like his friends who are in jail or dead.  That decision led him to enlist in the military.

Knockouts Title Match: Rosemary vs ODB

Rosemary charges right at the bell, but ODB sidesteps and begins unloading with chops and a corner splash.  Rosemary rolls out to the floor to break the momentum, but ODB comes after her, picks her up, and drops her on her face.  ODB goes for a suplex on the ramp, but Rosemary blocks and clotheslines ODB, who hits her head on the ramp on the way down.  Back into the ring where Rosemary hammers ODB with right hands, but ODB recovers and hits a fallaway slam followed by a series of shoulderblocks.  ODB gets 2 off a second rope Thesz Press, but a Bronco Buster attempt lands her right on Rosemary's boot.  Rosemary hits the Red Wedding, and that's it for this one.

Winner: Rosemary

Solid match and a good showing from ODB.

We go the Borash and Pope, and the camera pans up to show us Swoggle running around in the crowd.  Borash tells us that LAX will defend the World Tag Team Title against Decay in a streetfight next week.

McKenzie is waiting around outside the Management Office Of Management to ask Bruce Prichard and Karen Jarrett who the rest of the participants in the X Division Title match will be.  Prichard admits to Suicide, then says we'll need to wait to meet the rest.  Sienna comes in and says that with all the GFW wrestlers running around the locker room, she hasn't seen the GFW Women's Champion.  Karen says she'll be here, and she better be ready.

We see a video package of the history between Braxton Sutter, Allie, and Laurel Van Ness, and Sienna leading KM and Kongo Kong against Braxton and Allie last week.

Chris Silvio vs Kongo Kong

I bet this won't last long.  Kong hammers Silvio and hiptosses him clear across the ring.  Silvio tries to unload some punches, but Kong hits a running splash followed by a belly-to-belly suplex.  Kong hits a running cannonball in the corner, then drags Silvio out to the middle of the ring before going to the top rope for a frogsplash.  I don't think Atlas would get up from that one.

Winner: Kongo Kong

Very impressive!  I like this guy, and Silvio convulsing while being pinned was a nice touch.

James Storm is backstage drinking a beer (should he be doing that before a World Title match?) and says that Lashley should be scared of losing the World Title to James Storm.  He's waited a long time to become the World Champion again, and it will happen tonight.

Alberto El Patron joins us from a remote location, and says that he wants whoever wins the World Title match tonight.  Oh, and he hopes it's Bobby Lashley.

We go backstage to McKenzie, who is with GFW World Champion Magnus.  He came back to help out an old friend, but then he heard that Alberto El Patron thinks he's the #1 contender to the World Title.  He wants to know what Alberto has done since he came here, and it doesn't matter what he's done elsewhere, he goes to the back of the line and his GFW World Title means he goes to the front of the line.  He leaves to watch the match and learn who he's challenging.

World Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs James Storm

Josh Matthews comes out with Bobby Lashley and sits down at the broadcast table while Jeremy Borash does ring introductions.  Mathews goes RIGHT back to his old schtick as soon as Borash gets back to the broadcast table, and the bell rings as I hope the announcer BS doesn't distract from this match.  Slow feling out process to start as the fans chant "Josh is boring" at Mathews.  Great, give him ammo to start the BS.  Lashley takes Storm's head off with a clothesline, then connects with a charging shoulderblock in the corner.  Josh name drops Jim Ross, who is now working for the competition, and compares Lashley to Stone Cold Steve Austin as Lashley tosses Storm over the top rope.  Storm skins the cat back in and connects with a series of clotheslines before clotheslining Lashley to the floor.  Storm and Lashley brawl on the floor as Ethan Carter III comes out to ringside.  Mathews jumps up and down trying to hand Storm's bottle to Lashley, but EC3 stops that and gives Storm an opening to nail Lashley and ram him into the steps.  Lashley nails Storm and suplexes him onto the ring steps, a really sick looking bump.  Lashley continues punching Storm as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Lashley is still firmly in control.  Storm catches Lashley with a sleeper, Lashley gets out and pops Storm up for a tilt-a-whirl powerslam for 2.  Storm fights back with a series of clotheslines, a leaping enziguiri, and a running neckbreaker for 2.  Lashley tries going to the second rope, but Storm hits another leaping enziguiri and an Iconoclasm, then comes off the top with an elbowdrop for 2.  Storm hits Closing Time and sets up for the Last Call, Lashley blocks, so Storm KILLS him with a nasty powerbomb for 2.  Storm gets a weak O'Connor roll for 2, but Lashley turns it around and hits a Dominator for 2.  Lashley goes to the floor right in front of EC3 and gets a chair.  He swings it at Storm, Storm dodges and the chair bounces off the top rope and into Lashley's face, and Storm covers for 2.  Lashley shoves Storm into the referee and knocks him out, and Storm hits two Last Call superkicks.  He makes a cover, but no referee.  Storm sees the chair and thinks about it for a moment, but kicks it out to the floor, instead going out to the broadcast table and getting a longneck.  He goes to hit Lashley with it, but EC3 comes in, grabs the bottle, and smashes it over Storm's head.  Storm goes limp, EC3 gives an "oh well" look to the camera, and casually strolls off as Lashley hits the spear and covers and the now revived ref counts the fall.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Great match, and it looks like the old EC3 is back, baby!

McKenzie catches Dutch Mantel coming out of the Management Office Of Management, and gets him to admit to the fifth man being someone named Dezmond Xavier, but he isn't budging on the last man in the match.  We'll find out later, I guess!

We see footage from Border City Wrestling of Chris Adonis attacking Moose and putting him out with the Adonis Lock, then holding up the Grand Championship.

McKenzie is backstage with Moose, who says the title has brought him a lot of new enemies.  He hasn't forgotten what Adonis did to him in Canada and Mexico, and he wants to issue a challenge to Adonis for next week.  Adonis comes in with his arm in a sling and accuses Moose of attacking him.  He won't be ready to challenge Moose next week, but he knows who is.  Davey Richards runs in and lays Moose out, and Angelina says it looks like Moose just made another enemy.

We see a video package hyping the X Division Title match, and then it's...MAIN EVENT TIME!

X Division Title Match: Trevor Lee vs Sonjay Dutt vs Suicide vs Andrew Everett vs Dezmond Xavier vs Low Ki

Wow, wasn't expecting to see him here!  He's...wrestling in a suit now.  He controls the ring for a bit before we go to the spotfest where everyone takes turns in control, everyone takes turns getting pinfall combinations, and then all six men dropkick someone in the middle who isn't there.  Now everyone takes turns hitting dives to the floor, and then we're at commercial.

We're back as Trevor Lee hits the leaping double stomp on Everett for 2.  Lee disposes of everyone who tries to climb in the ring as he continues to work Everett over, shutting down every attempt by Everett to regain his momentum.  Lee makes a lax cover for 2 and then goes to a chinlock, giving him a noogie as I wonder if everyone else in the match is dead or something after being down for this long.  Everett finally hits the handspring Tajiri elbow as Low Ki gets back in the ring, but Lee clears him and then Suicide out before Beell tossing Everett across the ring.  Everett finally hits Lee with a Pelle kick, one for Low Ki, then everyone comes in hitting superkicks and enziguiris.  Low Ki double stomps Lee for 2, then tears his jacket off and...gets tossed to the floor.  Ki drills Lee with an enziguiri from the floor, Xavier gives Low Ki a ringpost 619 to the ding ding, but then Low Ki hits a shotgun dropkick on Xavier and then eats a missiledropkick from Dutt, who has a NASTY lump over his eye.  Okay, we do spot spot spot spot until Everett hits a Frankendriver on Lee.  He goes to the top, Low Ki hits the cartwheel enziguiri to knock Everett to the floor, and now Low Ki comes off the top with a double stomp to Lee for the win.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Low Ki

Happy to see Low Ki back, but every match in this damn division has been the same for years now.  Really getting old.  Actually, it's been old for a very long time.  PLEASE stop with the nonstop spotfests and go back to letting the guys work since that's what made this division awesome in the first place.

We go to the broadcast booth where Josh has remained since the World Title match, and Josh is just unbearable to the point where Pope gets up and leaves.  Josh asks Borash what he's gonna do, so Borash punches him in the mouth, getting the biggest pop of the night.

That's it for this week, I'll be back on Sunday to discuss this mess with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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