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By Mike Johnson on 2017-04-22 10:00:00

I was a big fan of the Legends of Extreme series you did with The Highspots Wrestling Network and was wondering if there would be any others.

Well, you asked on the right week.  We just wrapped filming season two yesterday, so at least ten new episodes will be hitting the streaming service.  We enter post-production next week.

My question is this: why do wrestlers always seem to hop over their opponents before pinning them? It seems like an extra effort, when they could just pin them from whatever is the closest side. Is it because they're supposed to be facing the camera side all the time?

It's likely so they can position themselves for the cameras, but it's also more dramatic to go for the pin in that fashion, as opposed to just dropping down like a sack of potatos.  The more drama, the better.

What's the deal with Eva Marie?

It appears that Marie and WWE will be parting ways when her deal expires.  The belief among those we've spoken with is that each side is remaining silent as contractually, her time on Total Divas hasn't run out and she's still required to promote that series.  She has not been at a WWE event since being suspended under the WWE Wellness Policy in August 2016.  The two sides could always make amends, but it's not looking likely.

Been watching Old ECW on the network as I didn’t have access back in the day. What was the deal with Chad Austin(?) talking about going to Smoky Mountain and how much better it was before getting beat up by different guys? I couldn’t find that there was ever any working relationship between the 2 promotions and I thought promotions generally avoided mentioning competition. Was this just a shot at Cornette or something else behind the Scenes?

Austin was just doing a promo to get heat with the idea being that he was claiming SMW was better than ECW, which was obviously going to get fans in Philly to boo him.  There was never any working agreement between the companies.  You can say it was a shot, but really, ECW at the time taking shots at everyone in order to get their name out there and to pop the audience they were playing to.

I thought the ECW Barely Legal documentary was one of the best audios in the history of the site.  Any chance we can see that regularly, like on a weekly schedule?

First, I am very, very thankful for the kinds words on the piece.  I was really happy with how it came out.  As far as doing something like that weekly?  I would never say I could turn that sort of project around on a weekly basis.   The amount of editing that sort of audio takes would pretty much prevent me from doing a lot of my other daily duties.  I thought the milestone of the 20th anniversary of the show was very important.  In the future, we may do similar features, but there's nothing officially set or planned at this time. 

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