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By Mike Johnson on 2017-04-17 09:49:00

Alberto el Patron has officially signed with the company.

This Thursday's Impact Wrestling episode will be "live" on Pop.  The company will be filming multiple days at Universal Studios Orlando over the next few days that follow that taping.  If anyone is attending, we are seeking spoiler reports.

Impact Wrestling announced today that champion Bobby Lashley would be part of the World of Sport tapings in Great Britain this May.  It makes sense that some of the Impact talents would appear on the WOS taping in advance of the Impact tapings in Mumbai, India, which are a few days after the completion of the WOS tapings.  The plan is for WOS to be a ten episode first season debuting on ITV in July.

Jeff Jarrett is in Mexico this week for a planned press conference tomorrow for AAA's TripleMania event as well as meetings with several networks in Central and South American regarding Impact Wrestling.

EC3, Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett will be doing a lot of media in the UK over the next week to help promote Impact Wrestling's return to SpikeTV UK, which begins on 4/22.  It would appear that Impact's return there has effectively canceled the planned Five Star Wrestling events that were to air there as nothing has been mentioned regarding those plans since Impact came back into the picture and there has been no follow-up to Five Star's live special on that network.

Impact's digital numbers in Brazil have sparked meetings with a number of digital networks in that market.

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