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By Dave Scherer on 2017-04-17 10:00:00

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So while they did explain the U.S. Title situation and cross-brand match on smackdown, along with a #1 contenders match, why would they not explain the World Title situation?  If Wyatt wins does the world title move to Raw?  And with AJ being top contender for the US Title, who will be top contender after Payback for the world title?  Assuming Orton retains.

I thought the same exact thing when the show ended.  They made such a big deal about the US Title match and then ignored the same situation with the World Title.  They haven’t said yet if continuity will reign  at the PPV but I have said for years that WWE needs a logic editor and things like that are exactly why.

Does Triple H have final say on the creative side of NXT?

For the most part, yes.  It’s his product to run but like everything else in WWE, Vince McMahon always has final say.  For instance, if he saw a talent and had a different vision as to what that person should be booked as than H did, he could overrule HHH.  But overall it is largely HHH’s baby.

AJ Styles going for the US Title? And not the WWE Title? Whaaaat?  Oh, how the mighty have fallen? I don't get it.

I didn’t see it that way at all.  If Bray Wyatt is already using the rematch clause, I have no issue with AJ going for the other Title.  And frankly, I think that they did a fantastic job in booking the US Title as being important on last week’s Smackdown.  Having AJ wanting to win it just added to that.

Are there plans to do a tribute to the Undertaker on Raw or Smackdown like they have with others retiring in the past (Flair, HBK, Edge, etc) or are they sticking to his gimmick and he will just be gone?  What would you plan for him for the Hall of Fame?

As of now, nope, what we saw after Mania was it.  Personally, I like that.  It fits in well with both how the character was portrayed and the personality of the man that played him.  If he decided that he is 100 percent done, he headlines next year in New Orleans if it’s my decision to make.  There is no reason to wait.  He is a consensus Hall of Fame.

Is Kurt Angle "making RAW great again?" Since becoming GM he has:

Deported Kevin Owens

Deported Sami Zayn

Deported Jinder Mahal

Deported Sin Cara

Deported Rusev and Lana

Deported the Shining Stars

Deported Tamina Snuka

(Meant as a joke but interested to see your thoughts on this!)

My thoughts?  The GM is a storyline role and he has nothing to do with who management decides to have switch brands.  As for the overall shake up, I think the singles division on Smackdown will be fantastic now.  If they bring Asuka up, the Women’s division will be as well.

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