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By Dave Scherer on 2017-04-16 10:00:00

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I just read your answer to a question about Kurt Angle's start in the business. I remember seeing part of an interview, I think it was Jeremy Borash's Forever Hardcore, that he was on the verge of joining ECW by invitation of Taz. But the night he visited a live show was the night Raven "crucified" Sandman and it deeply offended Angle because he was Catholic.  Suppose that incident never happened, if Angle started out in ECW (which would've been amazing), do you think WWE would've given him the same opportunities that he got by taking the route that he did? Or could he have been a victim of the "WCW/ECW Treatment"?

The invitation came from Shane Douglas, who invited Angle to the show.  He was actually sitting a few feet away when the angle happened, and he was irate when he saw it.  Had Angle started in ECW, I still think he would have picked up the in-ring aspect as quickly as he did and he would have had the same personality.  I think he would have gotten every opportunity because after all, he was an Olympic Gold Medalist.  Also remember that Vince McMahon had a stake in ECW so he wouldn’t have buried Angle just because he worked for the company.

I have a question in relation to how Vince views the 2 brands RAW and SD. There's always been the stigma that Raw is treated better, even Paul Heyman stated this on his DVD. So.... if New Day were on SD pre Wrestlemania do you think they would still have got the host role?

It’s hard to say given that they would have been booked differently than they were by being on Raw.  Frankly, I don’t see being the host as a big deal, so I don’t think being on Smackdown would have precluded them from being the hosts.

Did Kofi get hurt off the angle from The Revival or was he hurt previously? Or is him being hurt just storyline?

It is my understanding that he needed a scope and they used the angle as a way to get it done.

When WWE announced that Finn Balor got a concussion during his match with Jinder Mahal I was not surprised one bit.  He took a nasty forearm shot that WWE even made a point of showing on a replay. In the replay you can see where the lights went out on Balor, it was a bit disturbing. Shouldn't they have stopped the match?

Well, it’s incumbent on the talents and the refs to relate that to WWE management.  It happened so quickly that I can understand why it fell through the cracks.  Certainly WWE management has made the concussion protocol an important issue.  They are serious about it.

I'm lost on something, and hope you can clear it up for me. I don't watch NXT, so the names I have heard are just names. Tye Dillinger, The Revival, Shinsuke Nakamura, have recently come to WWE. And most everyone apparently knows them from NXT. But I don't. Now I know you are a huge fan of Nakamura, so let me ask you this : Looking at him for the first, and only, two times I have ever seen him, I am lost on this whole mystique. First time, he said and did nothing. The second time, he said his name. But people went crazy! They speak of his talent, they speak of his charisma, but as of yet, I have seen neither. Please don't get me wrong, I am not putting him down, I am just lost on all this excitement about him. Maybe it is one of those things I will have to see once I see him work. But being such a huge fan of his, I thought you could give me some input to help me understand.  And what is the deal with Tye Dillinger and the number 10?  

First off, you miss what the other fans do because you haven’t seen him work yet.  We have seen him in NXT (and Japan) so we know how great he is and are excited to see him on the main roster.  Personally, I think the way he interacts with the fans gives a good look into his charisma but having seen him wrestle would add to that.  I think you need to experience him to understand what makes him great.  The fact that people are going crazy should give you an idea about why he is special, but it will be hard for you to get excited when you don’t know his work.  Again, with Tye it was an NXT gimmick, the Perfect 10, being carried over.  You really should watch NXT.  It’s my favorite show.

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