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By Mike Johnson on 2017-04-13 10:00:00

Do you think WWE will respond to the JBL situation now that it is getting mainstream media attention?

It's more likely they will publicly comment but my guess is that since they are publicly traded, they are going to be very, very cautious about saying anything.  I wrote last week the only way they would react to anything is if there was mainstream media attention and if partners and licensees begin to question the situation.   At the end of the day, it's a bigger issue than JBL allegedly being mean to Mauro Ranallo or doing something a decade ago.

Where is D-Von Dudley?

D-Von is now working as a Producer for WWE and is effectively retired as long as he's working that position.

I know it's been said there is no point in turning Roman Reigns heel because fans will just start cheering him as a heel. But wouldn't turning him heel be beneficial for his character in the long term? They may cheer for him initially (or they may still hate and boo him...we don't know), but if he keeps doing dastardly things, create actual heel heat, and make babyfaces look sympathetic, when he finally turns face, people will love him. The Rock and Edge's initial face run was like this and after their heel turns and eventual face turn, they became beloved. And it's not like Reigns is pushing huge merchandise. They have The New Day, Enzo and Cass, etc. to cover that for now.

At the end of the day, it's Vince McMahon's call to push him and present how the character is featured.  The company wants him, for now, to be a babyface.  Unless Vince feels differently, it's not going to matter who is cheering or booing him.  It's what they want to present.  I think Roman is in a situation now similar to the one Cena was in for many years, where the audience booed him because he represented what they felt was PG WWE.  Now, Cena is grudgingly respected.

Why is it that John Cena used to knock Rock for taking Hollywood gigs but now takes them himself?

Cena is being offered them now.  To be fair, he knocked Rock for taking them and leaving WWE behind, which Cena hasn't done.  Cena has also admitted he was wrong.

Where is JT Smith?

We get this one alot.  He's living in Virginia.  He'll be appearing on 4/22 at the convention prior to House of Hardcore in Philadelphia at the ECW Arena.

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