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By Jason Funk on 2017-04-08 16:15:00

Defy held it second event, Defy 2: Wolves At The Door, at the historic Washington Hall in Seattle WA. The show was a 21 and over event.

A few hours prior to the show, one of the scheduled headliners, Penta El 0M (@PENTAELZEROM), sent a message to Defy management that he was not able to make the show due to a family emergency but that he would be back soon, and was bringing his brother Rey Fenix with him. Due to this a small shuffle of the card will happen tonight.

Preshow meet and greet for VIP ticket holders with Davey Richards and Angelina Love.

Defy has 4 roaming ringside cams and 1 hardcam in the balcony filming this show for later release on their OnDemand site,

Host and ring announcer for tonight is Steve Migs (@ImSteveMigs), a DJ for local radio station KISW 99.9FM.

1st Match: Mike Santiago vs Darby Allin (@DarbyAllin)

Match was originally supposed to be Jeff Cobb vs Darby Allin. Trash talk by Santiago before the match begins. Starts off with collar and elbow tie up. Darby with some high-flying offense off the middle ropes and corner then Santiago takes over with ground work. A couple of german suplexs by Santiago. Allin with a suicide back dive from the rope rope to ringside edge onto Santiago. Darby with a spring board roll up for the pin.

2nd Match: - Batboy and La Avispa (@AvispaLuchadora) vs Ave Rex (@Ave_Rex) & Sonico (@SonicoLuchador) (Los Sexi Mexis)

Match is announced as a Lucha Rules Tag Team Match. Lucha craziness all over here. Some rough spots in this match. At one point in the match, Batboy and Los Sexi Mexis are outside the ring and La Avispa climbs to the top turnbuckle to dive to the outside onto the group but come up slightly short and lands partially on the group and partially on the bare wooden floor. Finish comes when Batboy appears to turn on his partner but Sonico takes advantage and nails Batboy with a pump handle sit out bomb for the win.

3rd Match: King Khash (@KingKhash021) vs Nick Radford (@NickIsRadford)

Nick Radford is a "cat" enthusiast, if you catch my drift. Both guys start off by running the ropes and Radford gets the best of Khash. Khash takes control by using power moves including a sky high into back breaker. Good back and forth between these guys. Khash gets the win with what looks like a full nelson type camel clutch. Khash attacks Radford after match and the ref reverses the call and Radford is now declared the winner.

4th Match: 8X Grand Prix Tournament Match - Lio Rush (@itsLioRush) vs Shane Strickland (@StricklandShane)

Crowd behind Strickland since he is the local guy. These guys are just so fast and crisp its crazy. To much great action to truly recap. Anytime I look away to try and type, the crowd goes crazy.They go from fast paced high-flying action to hard hitting strikes and kicks. These guys have the crowd going crazy. At one point Lio gets the crowd to do the “Yes” chant and arm gesture with him while he is kicking Strickland right in the chest. Strickland wins with a Foot stomp from the top into his finisher. Crowd is giving both guys a standing ovation. Lio even does some dancing in the ring with Strickland. Strickland leaves Lio in the ring and the crown chants “Please Come Back”. Lio salutes the crowd and heads to the back.

After that, Steve Migs comes to the ring and asks for Strickland to come back out. He asks the crowd if they would like to know who will be facing Strickland at the next show, Defy 3: Swerve City on May 26th. Steve shows Strickland a poster for the next event that shows who his opponent will be and he looks a little shocked. Steve announces that Strickland's next opponent is none other than John Morrison. Crowd goes crazy for this.

We go to a little intermission.

5th Match: Steve West (@BestBeardInShow) w/ Sage (Simply The Best) vs Eddie Van Glam (@EddieVanGlam)

Eddie's nickname is the King of Thong Style. Part of his ring gear makes him look like he is wearing a Borat style thong bikini. West controls the beginning of the match. Uses tag partner Sage to help double team Eddie and interfere for him. West with corner to corner to corner knee strikes. West hits a corner splash into a DDT out of the corner for a near fall. Eddie with a Thesz press into punches, then a corner butt splash. Crowd chants “We Want Butt Stuff”. Eddie pulls down his shorts, shows a part of his butt and hits a butt strike on West. Eddie grabs West's arm and begins to play air guitar on it. Magically guitar music plays over the PA system. Sage jumps onto the ring edge and West ended up bonking heads with him, which leads to a roll up and pin by Eddie.

6th Match: Kate Carney (@KateCarnage) vs Su Yung (@realsuyung) w/ Drexel (@thedevildrexl )vs Angelina Love (@ActualALove)

During Angelina's entrance, the building's fire alarm system goes off. Everyone has to evacuate the building until fire department arrives to clear it. That takes about 20 minutes. Once the match starts, Love and Carney double team Yung to get her out and then go one on one with each other. Yung pulls Love out then throws her into the guard rail. Yung hits a hanging pedigree from the bottom rope on Love. Carney tosses Yung into guard rails a few times. Girls lock into a three-way submission hold. Love with a comeback on both girls. Love hits a spinning back kick and gets a 2 count. Yung goes to the top rope, but Love climbs up a bit to meet her. Carney then come over to them both and powerbombs Love who superplexes Yung. Drexel tries to interfere and gets a palm strike from Yung then Love hits Carney with a jumping pump kick for the win.

7th Match: Jorel Nelson (@JNeez) vs Carl Cunningham (@FantasticDork)

Carl jumps Jorel during ring intros. Jorel makes a comeback with chops and hits a plancha to the outside on Carl. Jorel hits a scoop slam on Carl on the outside, with no mats to protect him. Guys go back and forth for a bit. Jorel with the multiple punch combo. Carl makes a comeback and puts Carl in camel clutch. Jorel escapes and takes Carl down. Jorel hits a big elbow from the top to win the match. After the match, Jorel gets the mic and says that it his dream to be able to come back home and wrestle in Seattle. He says he does it for all of us, but especially for a special someone in the crowd. He has a person stand and says that this woman has been battling cancer for a while, which the crowd starts a “F**k You Cancer, Cancer Sucks” chant. After a minute or so, he says that she is now cancer free and the crowd erupts in cheers.

8th Match: Jeff Cobb (@MrAthleticJCobb) vs. Davey Richards (@RichardsWesley)

Hand shake before the match begins. Chain wrestling between the two to start. Richards kicks Cobbs arm to escape. Cobb asks the ref if that is legal. Test of strength between the two. Cobb lifts Davey over his head and back drops him. Davey and Jeff ask the crowd which way should they run the ropes then Davey hits a spinning back kick to Cobb. Both guys go outside and trade kicks and chops. Davey hits a running kick on Cobb against the guard rails. Back in the ring, Davey locks in Indian death lock. Jeff grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. They trade elbows. Davey tries back spring elbow but Cobb catches him and slams him down followed by two standing shooting star presses. Cobb with a big delayed pump handle slam. Cobb gets a 2 for that one. Davey gets Jeff in a sit-down surf board stretch. Back to trading elbows and now adding uppercuts and knees. Jeff goes for a powerbomb but Davey lifts him instead. Cobb tried a roll up but Davey hits a jumping stomp. Cobb goes outside but Davey hits three diving head butts to the outside. Dueling chants for both guys. Davey hits the ropes but gets lifted into the air and then grabbed and slammed to the mat. Cobb goes for superplex but Davey escapes and kick Jeff in the calf. Both guys battle on the top rope. Davey gets knocked down twice but keeps coming at him. Davey hits a big superplex, holds on and hits another suplex. Davey goes for cover. Cobb kicks out at two, but Davey rolls right into an ankle lock. Cobb gets free and tries to run but falls down. Davey hits a running low kick and goes for another cover. Cobb kicks out again but Davey locks in another ankle lock and Cobb taps. After the match, Angelina comes out to be with Davey.

Davey takes the mic and says it is awesome to be back home and be able to wrestle in Seattle. He wants to make Seattle the next big hotspot for wrestling. He mentions that they will be moving within the next year and he wants to come back to Seattle but Angelina is from Florida. The crowd chants “You F**ked Up” at Davey, which gets a nice laugh from both Davey and Angelina. Davey brings Angelina into the middle of the ring, gets on one knee and asks her if she would like to move to Seattle. The crowd with big “Yes” chants. Angelina then says yes and the crowd goes crazy. Davey thanks us for coming and supporting Defy.

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