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By Dave Scherer on 2017-04-09 10:00:00

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Now that Nakamura is on Smackdown, it would be an absolute travesty to move AJ Styles to RAW.  AJ vs. Nakamura is THE money match for next year's WrestleMania.  Given the right build, it could end up being regarded as this generation's Savage vs. Steamboat, an all-time classic match that will stand the test of time decades from now.  It doesn't even have to be in the main event to be great.  However, given how AJ has been used recently, I have my doubts that this is how the scenario will play out, or that we will even see them face each other in WWE.  If you were in charge, would you save this match for next year's WrestleMania, or have them face each other sooner, say at SummerSlam or the Royal Rumble?  How would you build towards this match, and how would you handle them with regards to the draft?

I like the idea of turning AJ face.  I think Nakamura should be a face as well.  If it’s me, I have Styles get back the Title, where it belongs.  Then I have Nakamura become the number one contender and just have them wrestle as faces, with the fans rooting for both.  That could be Smackdown’s top match at Mania next year.  Now, that is how I see it.  I am sure Vince McMahon will see it much differently.

What is you're take looking back on WCW and Mexican legend Konnan?

I think he was fine on air but made a much bigger contribution behind the scenes, with all of the talent that he brought in to the company and by extension to WWE.  He helped Hispanic wrestlers get a push more than anyone else I can think of.

It seems like Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns will be the next big feud for the Universal Title and there is no room for Finn Balor right now. He could go against Joe for a while and it surely would be great, but in the end, Balor needs to be back in the title picture, if creative still wants him to be a top player. And personally, I’m not invested in Reigns vs Lesnar at all. Your thoughts?

I have said for months that when Balor comes back he HAS to go right after the Title that he never lost.  Last week, it was the Commissioner’s pick to have him team with Seth Rollins.  We will see tomorrow if they ignore the obvious.  If they do, I think it’s a huge mistake and I think it will make Balor look bad.  He HAS to want the Title and not settle for anything less, but Vince thinks differently than I do.  As for Reigns vs. Lesnar, I could definitely see Roman winning the Title.  And if he does, the fans that booed him on Raw last week will lose their minds.  Personally, I want to see it happen now.  For months, those fans have said that they booed Reigns to send a message and to show him that they wanted their guys pushed.  So they opened Raw up by booing Reigns non-stop for ten minutes or so.  Fine.  Then they get their chance to send their message to Vince McMahon and what do they do?  They sing Vince’s song. They chant Roman sucks a time or too, then stop.  If they wanted to send their message they should have kept sending their message to Vince, as they did to Reigns to start the show, but they didn’t.  All along they said they wanted to send a message to Vince and when they got their chance, they wimped out.  They got star struck.  To make matters worse, in addition to tossing beach balls around during the Neville-Ali match (which they should have been glued to), they got FOUR of their darlings that they have clamored for in the main event of Raw, and THEY DID THE WAVE!  So at this point, the Fansters have shown me that they boo Reigns to entertain themselves, not for any real purpose, so I want to see Reigns become the champ just to see how they loser their minds.  And when he does, Balor should be first in line. 

On Smackdown Live we saw the debut of Nakamura – but man, wasn’t that strange? All he did was interrupt Miz’ promo, made his entrance and left. Couldn’t they have made some sense of it? And where the hell is Ziggler? Since he turned heel, I thought he was really great but didn’t get a spot on the last SD show at all. That’s such a waste.

You saw Nakamura’s debut much differently than I did.  I thought it was great.  Perfect in fact.  As for Ziggler, he is in that WWE wasteland right now.  They had every chance to give him a real push when he won the match with his career on the line, and they let it go to waste.  That tells me they don’t have any serious plans for him.

So what now for Bray Wyatt? First he loses at WM, then he loses his tag team match on the following Raw. So where does he go now? Where can he go now? Is he headed to the "Midcard Zone"?

I had such hopes for him when they had him beat John Cena and AJ, then Cena again.  I thought maybe they would finally give him a push.  And now?  I have no idea.  I feel badly for the guy.  He deserves better.  I have no idea what is next for him, unfortunately.  

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