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By Dave Scherer on 2017-04-05 10:00:00

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Well, I'm pretty sure that the Undertaker will be going into the WWE Hall of Fame pretty soon, probably next year. I think WWE should shake-up the whole presentation of the HOF ceremony by having the Undertaker as the one and only member of the class of 2018. Dedicate the the entire show to him, and instead of having one individual induct him, have several. They could bring out those who played a prominent role in his career (i.e. Vince McMahon, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Kane, Shawn Michaels, etc.) to each give a traditional induction speech and tell fun backstage and road stories about 'Taker. Like Wrestlemania 33, the HOF ceremony tends to run too long, and this could also be a way to better control the pace and shorten the length of the ceremony, at least for one year. That was a LONG weekend and I feel exhausted after staying up to watch ALL of Wrestlemania and the Hall of Fame (I can only imagine how "Iron Man" Mike Johnson feels after all the hours he put in -- thank you, Mike). If anyone deserves an entire HOF ceremony to himself, it's the Undertaker. Do you think this is a good idea, do you have any suggestions to tweak that idea and make it better, and what do you think is the probability of something like this happening?

I like that idea.  The only problem is I could see some bruised egos from guys that didn’t get their own event and people in the future that don’t get it either.  But I do agree with you, if anyone deserves the night to himself, it’s Taker.

Is this "Superstar Shakeup" just a fancy name for the draft? Just another way to load up Raw again? Do you think that AJ will wind up on Raw? What's your opinion of this whole deal?

To be determined, of course.  I would hope that they have learned from the past and don’t decimate Smackdown.  If they were to do trades, and they are fair, then it’s OK.  But if they gut Smackdown, again, they have learned nothing from the past.  Like you, I am leery about next week.

Please don't tell me that they are heading to another Kurt Angle/Brock Lesnar showdown!

I can’t say either either way but my hunch is it isn’t.  If I had to guess, I would say we were heading to Angle vs. HHH at next year’s Mania, playing off of heat between Angle and Stephanie McMahon.

So, everyone loves and is obviously clamoring for the Broken Universe in WWE.  There's been hints and winks since the brothers came back but not full fledged Broken.  I know there are a ton of moving parts here.....but is it a case of Vince not wanting to use a gimmick he didn't create? (well worn territory)  Or are they waiting to see how the legalities of it all shake out?  To me, if I’m Vince, I cut a check to Anthem for the supposed intellectual property that they think they own and go forward making a mint with the gimmick going forward.  Side note, I honestly can't see Matt letting his creation go without a fight.......I have to think he has some sort of recourse in mind.

Too soon to say.  They definitely need to shake out the legalities first (and boy, Anthem has probably not met anyone like Jerry McDevitt before) and go from there.  My hunch is that maybe they will keep some aspects of the gimmick but not be as extreme as they were in TNA.  That would be a little far for WWE.  But even if they don't, Matt and Jeff know what they came back to in WWE.  Whatever that ends up being they are fine with it.

So what does everyone think of the Undertaker retirement (though it was never explicitly said!). To me it couldn't have been any more anti-climactic. Perhaps, the most storied career, the most respected wrestler of all time and his retirement (again - we can't say for sure if that's really what it meant!) is announced by him about to leave the ring and then turning around and placing his gear in the middle of the ring after losing to a superstar WWE is *desperately* trying to push but may never be successful at. When I think of Undertaker retiring (especially at Wrestlemania), I think of moments like Michaels, Triple H, and Taker standing atop the entrance ramp looking over the crowd at WM 28, not suddenly leaving with no announcement after losing a sub-par match.  

I think it was fantastic.  He went out his way, on his terms.  He is old school and put over the young guy on his way out the door.  He gets what a lot of the fans that were at Raw on Monday don’t.  He did what he thought was right and had the best match that he could at 52 years old.  He lost his match and then hung it up.  So I couldn’t disagree more with you.

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