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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-04-03 23:13:00

After Raw ended and before Raw Talk, the announcers talked about the end of Raw and next week with the Superstar Shake Up, Bill Goldberg's music played and he makes his way through the back and to the ring.

Bill says this ain't part of the show.  

He says the facts are that he was approached in October about making a return after thirteen years.  There was a lot he had to think about.  Physical limitations, age, and desire.  

He says he is speaking from his heart and he says he would appreciate if you would listen. 

You may have wanted that invincible son of a bitch from thirteen years ago.  He says he is that guy, but his focus has moved to his family.

Bill says doing this for his family and the WWE Universe is the right reason.  He says he was able to share a part of his life that his family never saw.  The last few months have been the greatest ride.  He says he was able to show his family a little piece of what he was able to do.  He says you can boo him or cheer him, but that little boy is the reason why his heart still beats.  That is why he still goes to the weight room and drive his ass into the group to make him proud.

Bill says they have accomplished what he set out to do.  Bill says he hopes that they appreciate the opportunity that they have been given because it is once in a lifetime.  He says he loves them both more than can be quantified.  He has been living in the gym, the bathroom, and the dinner table for the last six months so he can be a glimpse of what he used to be.

Bill asks for his son to come to the ring and he slips as he goes over the ringside barrier.  Bill points out that his son took more bumps than Bill did during his career until last night.

Bill says that he is speaking from his heart.  Bill says he was able to take that Universal Championship to his son's school and he says the pride he felt in front of the teacher, those kids, and his son was immeasurable.  There is nothing that anyone on the planet that can take that from them.  Bill says you can boo him or you can cheer him, it means you care one way or the other and it means that he has done something.

Bill says this could be the last time you ever see him in a ring.  Some of you may appreciate that.  He says he is here for his family and as long as they appreciate it, he will fight and he will push and he will train.  He will do whatever it takes to be him.  Thirteen years removed from the debacle of Wrestlemania 20, he thinks that Brock and he did well last night.

Bill says he still had a glimmer of that Goldberg and that gave him the hope to succeed.  Since he thinks he is one of the biggest and baddest sumbitches around, you never know who or what is next.

Bill says 'Never Say Never' and then he leaves the ring with his son and goes over to his wife.

WWE posted video of the moment.  You can watch it below:


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