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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-04-02 18:00:00

On Sunday afternoon, the More Than Mania Event from World Wrestling Network ended with Full Impact Pro Wrestling’s show at the Broken Tailgate Party outside Saddle Up in Orlando, Florida.

Due to logistical issues, I was unable to prepare the usual detailed report for the show so this will only be a listing of the results with some thoughts after the results

Before the opening match, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy come into the ring and address the fans outside before returning to their autograph signing inside Saddle Up.

Match Number One:  Sami Callihan, Dave Crist, Jake Crist, and AR Fox (with Darby Allin and Priscilla Kelly) defeated Sammy Guevara, Michael Elgin, ACH, and Keith Lee when Callihan pinned Guevara after a double super kick while Guevara was set up for a Tombstone Piledriver followed by a spike Tombstone Piledrive using a double stomp from the turnbuckles.

Match Number Two:  Fred Yehi defeated Dezmond Xavier with a Koji Clutch to retain the FIP World Heavyweight Championship

Match Number Three:  Jon Davis defeated Martin Stone with a power bomb followed by a German suplex and clothesline to become the new FIP Florida Heritage Champion.

After the match, Stone took the title belt and after telling off some people in the crowd who commented on his accent, he talked about the feud with Jon Davis and congratulates Davis on the victory and he hands the title belt to Davis. 

Match Number Four:   Caleb Konley defeated Austin Theory with a moonsault.

Match Number Five:  Priscilla Kelly defeated Aria Blade with a German Suplex followed by a butterfly tombstone pile driver.

Match Number Six:  Anthony Henry (with Amber Young) defeated Jason Cade with an ankle lock after Cade missed a moonsault.

After the math, Teddy Stigma came out with a barbed wire bat and he attacks Henry.

Thoughts on the Show:

The show was held in the street outside of Saddle Up.  The autograph signing was held in Saddle Up.

After an ACW show that had 11 matches, I thought the pacing for this show was excellent considering that by the time this show started, some people had been there more than 3 hours.

Additionally, they ran the show ‘backward’ with the eight man tag match starting things off when it would most likely be the main event.  It allowed people who could not stay for the entire show to be able to see the main event.

The Davis/Stone match felt like it could have gone longer, but with the conditions, it served its purpose


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