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By Dave Scherer on 2017-04-04 10:00:00

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Do you ever think it's possible for a Wrestlemania to make its way to a venue that isn't in the southern United States? I live in Minneapolis, and I'd think that the new U.S. Bank Stadium would be a perfect fit for WWE. With the exception of 2013, there hasn't been a WM in the northern U.S. since 2007.

Sure I do. In fact, they have talked with Minneapolis.  But that stadium will probably need to have a Dome.  They won’t take the chance of running outside in Green Bay in late March/early April.  It will also help if it’s a destination city because unless it’s in a heavily populated area, they would be leery of filling it.  People love going to Orlando and New Orleans so it’s an easy sell to go there.  When the new stadium gets built in Las Vegas, I have no doubt that Mania will come here as well.

Are guys like Kane, Big Show, and Mark Henry on an on-call basis with WWE now? They're on TV so infrequently, I have to assume that they don't travel with the main roster and only come to shows when they're needed.

Big Show has been training for the match with Shaq, and then it never happened so he was left on the outside.  Kane has been preparing to run for office.  Mark Henry is nearing the end of his career.  At this point, none of them are focal points and that is understandable given their long runs.

What exactly did American Alpha do to get bumped down into the Andre the Giant battle royal?  I know their mic skills needed some work but to lose the titles to the Usos  a couple of weeks before WrestleMania? And then no rematch?  And speaking of the Usos, why them? Aside from one decent promo recently, their new gimmick isn't working. Are we to believe they are gangster all of a sudden? Reminds me of when MC Hammer tried to go gangster.  Your thoughts?

As I type this on Sunday morning, I really wonder if the belts were taken off of them so that the Hardys could debut and beat The Usos.  I have enjoyed the Usos heel turn so we see that differently but yes, I do think Alpha deserves more than just being in the Battle Royal but until the boss agrees, it is what it is.

AJ Styles is a guy that no matter what creative has him do, the fans just want to cheer for him.  Do you think he could be the guy to fill the void left by Daniel Bryan?  They could turn him face after Wrestlemania and have him spend the next year fighting the odds and building towards him winning the championship at next year's Wrestlemania?

I am a huge fan of AJ Styles and his work.  I believe that whatever role they put him in, he will be great.  If they turn him babyface, and let him wrestle the way that he has as a heel, he will get over in a big way.  I have no doubt in my mind about that.

So what do you think will happen with Paige? I absolutely agree that she should NOT be punished for the leaking of her photos and videos, but with her previous Wellness Policy violations, earlier instances of her voicing her displeasure with WWE via social media, and her new husband publicly accusing WWE of harassing her, do you think that the damage has been done as far as her WWE career goes? And is it too out there to assume that WWE is beginning to regret investing in a motion picture about Paige's life?

First and foremost, after her neck is totally heeled I think Paige herself has to decide what she wants out of her life.  I think she needs to decide if she wants to work for WWE and if she does, she will have to accept that they have their way of doing things and she must conform to them, not vice versa.  She’s very talented and I love her work but at the end of the day, WWE has a lot of talented wrestlers so if she wants to be there, she will have to adapt to them, not vice versa.  That is what it comes down to where I am concerned.  As for the movie, as long as The Rock is attached to it I don’t see WWE having any issue with also being a part of it.

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