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By Dave Scherer on 2017-04-02 10:00:00

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Do you think the promos between Cena and Miz have gotten too personal? Culminating with this week's SD, it seems like they keep becoming more about attaching each other's character than building towards any type of match. Hell of a program for a company that espouses to be "anti-bullying."

I have loved the segments.  The show is a work.  It’s not bullying.  It’s just two guys going after each other.  Given that everything ends up with people fighting each other, it’s hard for me to call it bullying.

I don't get it. The way I am thinking, Maryse will somehow pin Nicole, and they will win the match. But Cena was so intimidating on SD, how will it affect him after all that, to lose to The Miz?

A lot of people hated Cena’s promo on Tuesday.  I loved it, with the caveat being that Miz beats him and gets a rub from taking out John Cena.  If that is how it ends, I am fine with it.  Cena is a part timer now, no matter what he says.  Miz shows up for work every week.  He is the one that should get the win tonight.  I hope that he does.

Why do you think they had Naomi appear on SD to announce  she would join the women's match, when she could have made a bigger splash as a surprise entrant at WM?

They wanted to have her come out to add some anticipation to the bout.  I don’t have any problem with that. I think either way would be fine.  

Luke Harper loses his spot in the WWE title picture, and now he's not even part of the Andre the Giant battle royal. Will he even be around for the next Wrestlemania? He's the new Cesaro. 

Samoa Joe doesn’t have a match either.  I fully expect Joe to get involved in the Seth Rollins-HHH match tonight.  Similarly, if the idea is for Harper to have involvement in the Randy Orton-Bray Wyatt match (and remember, Erick Rowan should be able to go as well and Harper could be there to fight him off if he comes out), I think in both cases it’s better to be involved in a big match than just have a spot in a lesser match.  If we don’t see Harper at all, I agree with you 100 percent.

Upon her return to WWE, if and when it happens, do you see Paige using her real-life scandal as part of a new edgy heel character, similar to what Lita did after the whole Edge/Matt Hardy thing?  Or would that sort of storyline not fly in today's PG era?

It is way too soon to say if she will even return.  She had a serious injury for one thing.  She wasn’t exactly making the company happy before the recording came out. With that said, there’s no way I see WWE using a sex tape that some scumbag released without her consent, a tape that cause her great anguish, as part of her on-screen character.  Part of that is due to the current TV rating but just as big a part is human decency.

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