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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-28 10:00:00

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Are there always this many supplementary events around Wrestlemania weekend? I think last count there was something like 80 events scheduled? I understand Wrestlemania itself is obviously a huge draw, and it only makes sense for other promoters to want to capitalize on the huge concentration of wrestling fans (and performers themselves) in the area. At a certain point, though, don’t they risk over saturating the market? I mean, I can’t imagine a person could possibly attend every event, so are there really enough fans in the area to sustain so many events?

It does seem like there more events every year.  It makes sense.  You have upwards of 100,000 converging on area so there are a lot of hardcore consumers in the area.  The Hall Of Fame and NXT can’t accommodate all of them so other companies come along and run (with the notable exception of Impact Wrestling).  It’s smart business and as long as we see the events run every year, I don’t think that they are over-saturating.  If we see them start scaling back, then we have reached that point.

In following Dave's answer regarding Anthem letting the Hardy's use their Broken gimmick even if Anthem is 100% in the right... Not even disagreeing with anything you said because Hardys really did help TNA in the last year. However, and be honest, if Dixie Carter was in charge and allowed them to do that we'd all be criticizing how stupid she is for doing that. Yes or no?

I am sure that there would be some people criticizing her for that because some people just get stuck in a pattern and don’t think logically or critically. I can only speak for myself and if that scenario had happened, I would have heaped glowing praise on Dixie Carter for doing the right thing. And not for nothing, after the last few weeks that Impact has had, I find myself starting to miss her.  Yep, I can’t believe I just said that, but I did.

In all this going on with Orton/Wyatt, I can't help  but wonder where is Erik Rowan? Do you think he will show up at WM to help or hurt Wyatt?

He injured his shoulder last year.  He has been training for a return and could very well show up at Mania.  If it’s me, the only thing I have him do is keep Luke Harper from interfering.  Bray Wyatt should win cleanly and a screwy finish won’t help him at all.

On Raw, they called Austin Aries "A-Double". Did they do that because of "Double-A" Arn Anderson?

No, Aries has used that moniker for years.

One of the reasons a show like The Walking Dead is compelling is the hope that the villain, Negan, will eventually get his comeuppance in the end.  The last time I remember Steph McMahon getting her just due is when Vickie Guerrero threw her into a mud pit in her last match.  Even though we know it likely won't happen any time soon, if you were writing an angle for Steph to finally get her comeuppance,  how would you like to see it play out, and by whom?

Therein lies the problem.  Steph gloms heat from all of the male wrestlers but none of them can hit her, for obvious reasons.  So, it has to be a woman.  I think the best one to do that would be Bayley since whoever takes her out will get a ton of goodwill from it.  Steph could be her usual self in berating Bayley and then go to far and force Bayley to take her out.  Will it happen?  It hasn’t really yet.

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