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By Mike Johnson on 2017-04-01 10:00:00


Did Anthem and Jarrett and co. even watch Impact in 2016? Surely if they did, they wouldn't be doing the Trump slogan and enacting the creative blunders that we are seeing since they took over.

They are trying to differentiate from the past.  I can't knock them from that.  I have no idea if they were aware of what Impact was doing before they returned.

Why is the amazing Rockstar Spud ring announcing? And why haven't we seen Aron Rex since the Anthem reboot?

Impact needed someone to fill in as they shifted Jeremy Borash to announcing.  Rex missed the last tapings as he had an independent film role he was acting in at the same time.  Whether he returns in the same persona, I haven't heard.

I read somewhere that Eli Drake spoke out against the "make Impact great" theme. Is there any validity to that? Does he have heat backstage? That's the only logical explanation of how his character is being treated thus far.

As we reported, Drake spoke with Jeff Jarrett as he felt the heavy-handed promos that knocked the previous regime were also insulting to the wrestlers that were working in that regime.  The creative direction of Impact was locked in well before that discussion.  One had nothing to do with the other.

I missed a lot of TNA during Karen Jarrett's run, but I remember bits and pieces, and from what I remember, and correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think her character was worth the pop and welcome back chants that she received. I was pretty disappointed that she was the big reveal last week and I thought Dixie Carter's trademark disappointing big announcements looked like telling a person he won the lottery in comparison to us finding out who "She" was. Am I missing something?

It's a subjective thing.  I think fans reacted to her because she and Jeff Jarrett were back and they knew it and they were a big part of Impact in the past.  I don't think it was a disapointment.  It's not like they pushed her return as it was going to be a big industry changing standard, like Impact has claimed about things like Ken Anderson's debut in the past.  I just saw it as the continuing rollout of the new direction.

How long before Jarrett returns to the ring?

All signs are that Jeff Jarrett won't be wrestling for Impact, but we'll see if that remains the case.

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