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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-30 10:00:00


While I can understand they can't and shouldn't punish Paige and all parties for the leaked videos as they were victims... I noticed one of the videos happened in a locker room. I don't know if it's a gym or a locker room of a show. Should that result in a punishment?  It's almost like a current employee? if a company has leaked videos of him doing that in his or her office 3 years ago.

 It could be a locker room from anywhere, not just in an Arena.  It could be in a gym.  It could be somewhere she was on vacation.  The leaking of the material was criminal and she was the victim.  I think any talk of whether she should be punished for this or that to be insulting to a woman who's been victimized in a terrible way.

With Big Show stating he plans to fade away as he reaches is contract's end, and Kane planning to run for Mayor, do you think there is interest in a Kane vs. Big Show match as a sort of "Curtain Call", ala Undertaker vs. HHH at Wrestlemania? Maybe with Chris Jericho as the referee like How Shawn Michaels was in that match? I think all three are on the same level in terms of name, respect and era, and it would be a nice send off to both men. And since it won't happen at this or next year's Mania, what marque stage would this be good on?

I don't see that happening, period.

With the entirety of Raw, Smackdown, ECW, Nitro and the Full Sail NXT on the Network, what will come next?  We all have our favorites but I'm certain we will all be long gone before that certain thing comes considering their vast library.  Or will certain things just be scrubbed?

My guess is the next drop will be either more NWA/WCW TV or perhaps Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  I'd really like to see WWE put up entire years for major arenas that were filmed and broadcast regionally, like Philadelphia or Boston.

With the recent resurgence of British Wrestling, and now World of Sport returning, how come a station like BBC America hasn’t taken a swing at broadcasting a promotion from across the pond here in the States?  I feel like What Culture or Rev Pro would be a big draw. Could have a cool ECW type feel too (underground, antiestablishment, etc etc.)

Most BBC America program is material produced in Great Britain that is then brought over here.  I don't know that pro wrestling would fit the bill for what they do with the network.  I think what we saw with Lucha Underground and The El Rey Network is that even if the product is very good, it's hard to build a following and make the project sustainable, much less financially worthwhile.  If ITV can make World of Sport mean something where it makes money from ratings and sells merchandise and tickets, then we might see other TV outlets over there take notice and think about doing something.  I see that as a major longshot, however.

When will Shelton Benjamin return to WWE?

As soon as he's medically cleared from his rotator cuff, if WWE still wants to sign him.  Hopefully, that is the case because he certainly deserved another run.


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