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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-26 10:00:00

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There has been a story recently where your site reported one thing, and another reporter stated something totally different.  Well, he didn't exactly state it, he hypothesized it which I guess means he wasn’t sure in reporting it but kind of did anyway.  Does that kind of thing bother you?

Honestly?  I only concern myself with what we do here.  We have a lot of sources and we contact them in pursuit of stories.  Other people have sources and do the same.  If those people are confident with what they are told and run with it, that is their decision.  We just want to do all that we can to get the story right.  We would rather be correct instead of be first.

What's going on with WWE making head-scratch booking going into Wrestlemania? I'm not saying make things predictable, but a lot of the booking has been so forced. Shane/Styles, Miz & Maryse/Cena & Bella, Reigns/Undertaker, etc. On top of that, there have been strange storyline arcs, like Dana Brooke all of a sudden turning face and then losing the next week, Brawn Strowman being built up all year and now no match yet, Stephanie being the top heel on Raw, but nothing awaiting her at Mania. Usually Mania is the culmination of rivalries, but this year, it feels like the start of rivalries. 

I can tell you aren’t an Elite member.  If you were, you would have heard us talk about this in-depth for weeks now.  To make a long story short, this is the WrestleMania that Vince McMahon wants us to have, so that is the WrestleMania that we are getting.

Regarding the whole Anthem/Hardys situation, Do you think this is hurting Anthem's momentum and goodwill in the eyes of the fan? Forget that Anthem has declined to respond and Reby has been revealing a lot, but I feel that all that has been revealed, fact or fiction, has painted Anthem in a bad light. And I say Anthem because I believe you reported that it wasn't Jeff Jarrett's decision to go after The Hardys. Basically, is Anthem losing more by suing The Hardys than they are gaining?

I don’t see any way that it isn’t hurting Anthem in the eyes of the fans that are aware of the situation.  Anthem owns the company so it’s definitely their decision.  And yes, this is a case where I feel even if Anthem was 100 percent in the right, the smart move would have been to let the Hardys take the Broken characters when they left.  It could have given them a lot of goodwill with the fan base and instead, they look bad.

Jeff Hardy : Good talent. Matt Hardy : Useless. Now I have not seen either Hardy since they left WWE, but while I enjoyed watching Jeff, I have never had any use for his jobber brother. Now I hear they are on their way back to WWE; UGH!  So please tell me...has he improved since he left WWE, or is he the same jobber Hardy who left years ago?

This may be the most insipid question ever sent in.  You haven’t seen Matt work in years, yet you say he’s useless.  Well, I will tell you what is useless, your question.

Where is Tajiri?

He suffered a knee injury a few months back.  

In response to a previous question and after watching the end of RAW my thoughts are they're setting up a Triple Threat match. It could possibly kill two birds with one stone. Turn Reigns heel while possibly begin turning Strowman face thus having him face Lesnar for the title later on. This way it protects Taker’s legacy, Strowman could "steal the pin" from Roman therefore getting the crowd behind him and Roman gets mad because the fans cheered. What do you think?

I agree with one part, that Strowman deserves a spot in a marquee match at Mania.  I also think it would help Undertaker to have another body in the match since Taker is getting older.  But I don’t need Strowman to turn face.  I sure don’t want to see a stolen pin.  More than that, I don’t want to see both men lose to Reigns.  I would like to see them add Braun and have the match be very competitive.  Then, have Roman about to win when Strowman breaks up the pin.  Those two fight and it allows Taker to come back pin Roman.  Everyone would stay strong and WWE could maybe get some of the fans that hate Reigns now to at least have a little respect that he put over Taker.

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