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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-27 10:00:00

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I'm just curious. Sometimes a wrestler will use his real name. Sometimes the name is linked to his gimmick. And sometimes it is just another name. What I am curious about is that when a wrestler is hired, and they change his name, who is it that chooses the name? Does the wrestler have any say in it?

While the promotion almost always has the ultimate say, they do ask the talent for suggestions and they definitely consider them.

I never much cared for him, but I sure do feel sorry for Tyler Breeze. Who did he piss off?

The wrong person obviously.  “Creative” (had to put that in quotes) has wasted him since he got there.  The story is that ever since he left a TV taping early a few months ago he got heat on him but even before that, they used him poorly since he came up.

If you take what Goldberg said about his Wrestlemania match being a "blood fest" literally and WWE allows that to happen, what does that say about WWE's ethics and claims of being kid friendly as well as the safety of their employees?

I don’t take it literally.  I take it as Goldberg just selling the match as being like a blood feud.  If there is blood of any kind, it will be accidental or prop blood.  Given that Brock and Goldberg both have been known to bleed by accident, I could definitely see that happening.  But, if WWE allows anyone to blade it would be a really poor decision on their part and I am sure that everyone involved knows that.

How's this for a future HOFer, especially with the Warrior Award: Darren Drozdov. 

I think he is a great candidate for the Warrior Award.  Given the brevity of his career, I think that they could open themselves up for being criticized if they made him a Hall Of Fame.

Let's say that the talks between WWE and ROH are true. If WWE does indeed purchase ROH from Sinclair, how much autonomy do you think WWE will give ROH for its own product? Will WWE treat ROH as a separate entity (much like WWF was originally supposed to with WCW post-March 2001), or do you see Ring of Honor losing its unique identity to satisfy WWE's branding needs?

First, WWE never intended to let WCW being it’s own separate brand.  Their intention was to do exactly what it did.  ROH officials have said that they don’t comment on unfounded rumors about the sale so it’s not an issue.  But if WWE did buy them, they would take control of the product.  How much it would remain like the current ROH would depend on whether Triple H was given the power to oversee it as a WWE Network product or if Vince McMahon took control.  

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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