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By Marco Piva on 2017-03-20 17:25:00

Sunday 19th March 2017, The Garage, Glasgow (Scotland)
ICW Friday Night Fight Club
Attendance: over 600 people (sold out)

Results of the show (full report follows)

Iestyn Rees defeats Leyton Buzzard

ICW Tag Team Championship
The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) [c] defeat The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt & Liam Thomson) accompanied by Ann Phetamine and Big Ross Hauser

Session Moth Martina defeats Kasey

- Kenny Williams launches an open challenge for the ZeroG Championship

ICW ZeroG Championship
Kenny Williams [c] defeats Andy Wild

Joe Coffey defeats BT Gunn

Chris Renfrew, DCT & Viper defeat Davey Blaze, Dickie Divers & Kay Lee Ray

Tyler Bate defeats Lewis Girvan

Wolfgang & Kid Fite defeat Jack Jester & Sha Samuels

ICW World Heavyweight Title
Trent Seven [c] defeats Mark Coffey


The next show is Saturday 15th April 2017 at the O2 Institute in Birmingham (England)


Full show report

MC Simon “One Fall” Cassidy opens the show introducing young Leyton Buzzard, who is on the ring waiting for his opponent – that proves to be the 245-pounds “Alpha Male” Iestyn Rees, representing The Marauders. Rees is accompanied to the ring by his allies and ICW Tag Team Champions, Wild Boar and Mike Bird. The latter decides to sit on commentary for this match – that ends up being extremely short, with Rees not allowing Buzzard any breathing space. After a Chokeslam from the Alpha Male, Buzzard’s second ICW match ends up like the first: in defeat.

Iestyn Rees defeats Leyton Buzzard by pinfall

Rees then challenges to a match Steven Hughes, a member of the security staff who occasionally referees some matches. Bird and Boar drag the unwilling Hughes on the ring only for the Alpha Male to Powerbomb him – but the referee refuses to count the pin.

As the tag team champions The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) address the challenge issued to them by Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith, in walk The House of Saynt – Christopher Saynt accompanied by Ann Phetamine and bodyguard Big Ross Hauser. Accusing the champions to be nothing but bullies, he challenges them to a match there and then; he will be tagging with Liam Thomson, whom he promised to “make braw again”.

The newly formed friendship between the patriarch of the House of Saynt and the former Bad Boy is put to the test by the Welshmen’s savage attacks, and so is Thomson’s recent promise of “being nicer”. The Marauders have been working together for a long time, so their team moves are flawless; Saynt and Thomson, instead, occasionally seem to struggle in their new alliance, with LT often getting cut out from his partner, stranded in his corner.

It is just when Thomson seems to be getting the upper hand despite the fact that Saynt is in trouble out of the ring that the Marauders manage to hit him with their trademark Mrs. Robertson’s Revenge; Mike Bird pins him while Wild Boar, still incensed after having been called “Piggy” by Saynt and then slapped by Ann Phetamine, makes sure that nobody interrupts the count.

The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) defeat The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt & Liam Thomson) by pinfall to retain the ICW Tag Team Title

It is now time for a women’s march, between the Belle of Belfast who is “flying solo”, Kasey, and the woman from the Flats in Dublin, Ireland: Session Moth Martina.

The two Irish women know each other pretty well, and Martina’s easy going attitude seems to have irked Kasey who immediately attacks her with her baseball bat. This time, the Dublin party girl seems more focussed than usual. She still entertains the fans with several comedic moments, but she also hits her opponent hard. After an entertaining match, Kasey tries to use Martina’s trademark mandible claw only to see her opponent reverse it and then pin her.

Session Moth Martina defeats Kasey by pinfall

Martina is joined on the ring by the man voted by the ICW faithful as the revelation of 2016, Ravie Davie; they celebrate together, suggesting that their friendship is developing into something more intimate.

ZeroG champion Kenny Williams reaches the ring to explain that the open challenges he has been throwing in the last few weeks don’t mean that he thinks he is the best – but he thinks that they are helping bring the ZeroG title to the forefront of European wrestling. Today, his challenge is answered by a former ZeroG champion: Andy Wild.

It is a fast, hard hitting contest between two very determined athletes; Wild is much more powerful than Williams, who however can fly around his opponents with his extraordinary agility. The challenger gets very close to scoring the winning pin, but at the end the champion, with a picture perfect flying DDT, manages to retain his title.

Kenny Williams defeats Andy Wild by pinfall to retain the ICW ZeroG Title

Williams then reminds us that, on April 16th at Barramania III, his belt will be on the line in a 6-man scramble match – and he doesn’t want to know who his five opponents will be: he prefers it to be an open challenge.

Joe Hendry then comes out in his street clothes, not accompanied by any music. He takes the microphone to apologise to all the fans for having savagely assaulted Lionheart before their scheduled match in Manchester (February 18th). He explains that Lionheart had crossed a line by insulting his girlfriend, but that his reaction was unforgivable, disrespectful towards ICW and the whole wrestling world.

At that point, Lionheart joins him on the ring, immediately making the atmosphere incredibly tense. He explains that he’s always had Hendry’s back, he always appreciated him, so much that he recently made him champion of his own promotion (Lionheart is the owner of Ayr-based company PWE). He admits that Hendry, being an accomplished amateur wrestler, would probably be able to hurt him in a straight fight, but that he’s ready to put any ill feeling to the side for the sake of professionalism ahead of their match at Barramania III. If Hendry tries to assault him again, though, the former ZeroG champion promises that he will be using a knife on him.

After a long, stunned silence from the sold out Garage, Hendry uneasily agrees, not without making sure that Lionheart understands that nobody can insult his family and closest friends, for no reason. In doing so, Hendry swears. This wouldn’t be anything peculiar in ICW – but nobody in the room has ever heard a swearword leaving Hendry’s lips.

MC Cassidy breaks the tension announcing the next match, that sees “The Oddity” BT Gunn from the Hellmouth face a man weighing 110 kilograms of raw minerals, a wrestler, a mighty wrestler, the 2017 Square Go winner, the Iron Man, Joe Coffey.

The two former Heavyweight champions (Gunn had two relatively lengthy reigns, while Coffey was dethroned by Wolfgang minutes after having conquered the belt) treat the Glasgow fans to a technical masterpiece full of hard-hitting moments. The crowd is evenly split between the two, who seem to have no intention to give up. They hit each other with everything they have, and they keep kicking out of any pin attempt.

Finally, it’s the Iron Man who manages to hit the Oddity with his Awra’ Best fur ‘e Bells following it with a complex submission manoeuvre that forces BT Gunn to give up.

Joe Coffey defeats BT Gunn by submission

After a well deserved break, it’s time for a 3 vs 3 match.

Announced first is Chris Renfrew, directly from Silent Hill. His partners are a team that’s all killer, no filler; the partnership of the Vixen of Violence, the Babe of Brutality Viper and the International Sex Hero DCT. Their opponents are the Glasgow Barbarian Davey Blaze, who arrives accompanied by his manager The Wee Man, and the team of the ICW Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray and her partner Stevie Boy: The Filthy Generation. But Stevie doesn’t seem to be there.

He calls his opponents’ attention from somewhere in the rafters, announcing that he’s injured but his place will be taken by a man he used to dislike, but with whom he shares an enemy. As he speaks, Dickie Divers attacks Renfrew starting the match.

It’s an intense, violent brawl, during which we get to see a moment that will go down in ICW history. As Divers stands alone on the ring, ICW senior referee Thomas Kearins hits him with a kick and a perfect DDT, then goes for the pin. Renfrew is ready for the count, but Divers kicks out in the nick of time.

We clearly see three one-on-one brawls take place: Renfrew against his old foe Divers, DCT attacking Blaze and the two women trying to incapacitate each other. It’s between those two that the match is decided, as Viper manages to hit her Viper’s Bite on Kay Lee Ray to pin her.

Chris Renfrew, DCT & Viper defeat Davey Blaze, Dickie Divers & Kay Lee Ray by pinfall

After the match, Renfrew addresses Stevie Boy challenging him to a Last Man Standing match at Barramania III, in April; meanwhile, DCT and Viper offer a match to Blaze and Kay Lee Ray for the same show – a match that The Wee Man accepts on behalf of his protégés.

It is now the turn of the man from the Black Country, The Bastard Dave Mastiff; he will be facing the man who claims to be worth every penny, the Bristol native Charlie Sterling.

Mastiff’s strength is superior to Sterling’s, who however has an edge with his nearly supernatural agility. Initially the bigger man seems in trouble, but eventually he manages to catch his opponent and smash him around the ring, finally defeating him after a powerful Cannonball.

Dave Mastiff defeats Charlie Sterling

Scotland’s favourite MC then introduces to us the 205-pounder from beyond the Thunderdome, Lewis Girvan, the self-proclaimed best young wrestler in the world. His opponent is the reigning WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate. Obviously his title is not on the line, to the dismay of the rabid ICW fans.

It is a classic match, one that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the best NWA shows of the 1970 – quite peculiar, as the two contestants barely reach the age of 42 between them. This technical contest, that needs to be watched to be truly appreciated, ends when Bate hits his opponent with his modified Powerbomb and Girvan remains down for the pin.

Tyler Bate defeats Lewis Girvan by pinfall

Introduced next is the East End Butcher, Sha Samuels from London; he will tag with the 17-stone Big King, Jack Jester. Their opponents are “The Regulator” Wolfgang and Kid Fite, from Glasgow. There is a lot of tension between Samuels and Fite, due to clash at Barramania III in a street fight, but due to the sequence of tags they seldom interact on the ring.

After an intense contest, a short but bold man appears, his face covered in a ski mask, to attack and distract Sha Samuels. Kid Fite hits the East End Butcher with Wolfgang’s brass knuckles to close the match.

Wolfgang & Kid Fite defeat Jack Jester & Sha Samuels by pinfall

As Sha Samuels is helped out of the ring area by his partner and the referee, the masked man is revealed to be the aggressive Lou King Sharp, who had been missing from ICW for quite some time.

It is time for the main event, that sees the ICW World Heavyweight Title on the line. Joe Coffey, who holds the briefcase – earned winning the Square Go match – that allows him to a title match whenever he wishes, comes out to join the commentary team.

The challenger weighs 100 kilograms; he represents Polo Promotions and is a two-time ZeroG champion and two-time Tag Team champion: The Power Forward Mark Coffey – Joe’s younger brother. The champion, from a cabin on Moustache Mountain, is Trent Seven.

The two strong stylers immediately start with an exchange of chops that make the very foundations of the Garage shake. With the fans almost evenly split between the two, with some evidently unable to pick a favourite, the war between the two titans rages until, attempting a Rainmaker, the champion hits referee Thomas Kearins who falls out of the ring like a rag doll. Coffey’s subsequent attack ends with the challenger, exhausted, falling over the champion It’s a pin position, but there’s no official! Sean McLaughlin rushes in from backstage, but he only arrives when Seven has had the time to recuperate. The battle restarts. They hit each other with their finishers, but nobody seems ready to lose yet. Mark Coffey kicks out at 1 from Trent Seven’s Seventh Heaven Piledriver, but the champion immediately hits a Lariat and Coffey stays down for the pin.

Trent Seven defeats Mark Coffey by pinfall to retain the ICW World Heavyweight Title.

After a handshake, Mark Coffey leaves the ring – where his brother Joe reaches the champion. He tells everybody that he is going to cash in his contract for a title match…

…but not today. Joe Coffey will try to wrestle the ICW World Heavyweight Title off Trent Seven’s hands at Barramania III, on April 16th.

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