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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-20 09:45:00

Wrestlecon issued the following press release to for their Launch Party, which will kick off all of their Wrestemania 33 weekend festivities


Complete Details on the Wrestlecon 2017 Launch Party.

This March, Wrestlecon will take Orlando and on Thursday March 30th, our Launch Party will be grander than ever!

Wrestlecon is proud to announce that Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross, the voice of professional wrestling will join all-time greats Sting and Ric Flair on stage, for the first time ever, together, celebrating professional wrestling's biggest week of the year and taking part in a special, one of a kind Q&A Experience.   Tickets for the Wrestlecon Launch Party, priced at only $33 (in advance) are on sale now at

The Launch Party will commence at 4 PM on Thursday March 30th!

The last time Jim Ross joined Ric Flair on stage, history was made in controversial fashion, changing the course of professional wrestling forever.  Now the two reunite, with one of the most popular stars of all time - The Stinger - joining them!   This one of a kind Hall of Fame panel will be moderated by Lucha Underground's Matt Striker, professional wrestler and unabashed pro wrestling nerd and historian. 

Although Striker will be moderating, fan interaction will drive the event.  Have a question about the Clash of Champions in Greensboro?  Dusty?  Monday Nitro?  Bill Watts? Today's pro wrestling landscape? The Big Gold Belt?  Nothing is off limits as these all-time greats - and you! - help usher in Wrestlecon's biggest weekend, ever!

Tickets for the Wrestlecon Launch Party, priced at only $33 (in advance) are on sale now at

Check the Wrestlecon website for the latest information on Flair, Sting, Jim Ross and all of our guests and events at Wrestlecon 2017!

Wrestlecon is an annual pro wrestling gathering, bringing fans together with over 150 professional wrestling personalities from different eras, countries and wrestling promotions.  The 2017 edition in Orlando, Florida will feature meet and greet sessions, Q&A sessions, live events, and much more in the most unique fan-friendly environment ever designed for the die hard professional wrestling fan.  Founded in 2005, Wrestlecon has brought thousands upon thousands of fans face to face with their most beloved heroes and hated villains.  For more information, visit

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