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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-21 10:00:00

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Could you please explain the meaning of the phrase "The Marty Janetty of [team name]"? Does this refer to the weaker performer within the team, the guy with the lesser singles career post-team, or the person who went on to crash and burn in his personal life? 

Initially, it meant that the guy who everyone thought would be the singles star went on to be left in the dust by the partner.  In some cases, the crash and burn was the reason.  In others it was due to people underestimating the potential of the person that they thought was the lesser performer.  And in the case of Shawn Michaels, it was both.

Seriously? After all the great work AJ has done this year, he won't be part of WM? I can't imagine how he feels about this, even if he is relegated to a non-sense feud with Shane. Seems such a shame. Just like Owens going against Jericho instead of defending/fighting for the title.

You and I look at it that way but to be fair, Vince McMahon looks at anyone wrestling someone in his family as being a huge match.  So in his eyes, AJ has a great match for Mania.

I decided to give Impact a go last week and the show just seemed a bit of a mess. Each to their own of course, and I’m sure there are people who enjoyed it. But Bruce Prichard comes out and doesn’t explain any reason why he is in a position of authority. In fact he doesn’t even explain IF he’s in a position of authority. He just started making matches. Is the booking really that bad that they think the audience don’t even need to be told why (to some of that audience) an outsider is now making matches?

I made the exact same complaint after the show.  All of the sudden Bruce is there and wielding power, and we were never given any reason as to why.  That is just sloppy booking.  It’s as if they felt all that they had to say was that he is Bruce Prichard and that in and of itself meant he was Vince McMahon or something.

Firstly, WWE keeps proving they have no other formula for heels than to make them cowards.  Now, they seem to have no idea how to book faces either.  Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho are two examples of wrestlers who, as I phrase it, are faces only because they aren't heels.  Neither of them actually turned face, realized the error of their ways, worked out they were being taken for fools, etc.  Rollins is a face because the heel authority figure chose to help someone else.  Jericho is a face because he was double crossed by Kevin Owens.  In addition, the more they book Roman Reigns as a conquering hero overcoming the odds the louder the boos are.  If he beats the Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, WWE may well have either a riot on their hands or an empty stadium 10 minutes later!

I think it’s fair to say that the character development process could use a lot of work.  I don’t get what they are doing a lot of the time myself.  I 

What is the latest on Lacey VonErich, Brooke Hogan, etc..   wrestling company they are trying to start?  Any progress when it will open?  Will it be on TV?   Thanks for any updates and answers. 

The only thing I ever heard about that project was what the women themselves said about it.  I have heard nothing else and will be skeptical about it until something concrete comes along.

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