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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-23 10:00:00


Why hasn't WWE inducted Lemny from Motörhead into the HOF yet? From what I have seen, he and HHH were pretty good friends.   Hell, HHH was a part of the documentary about Lemmy, designed his t-shirts in a Motörhead motif, and used one of their songs until they had Lemmy create one just for HHH.

I could see WWE inducting Lemmy one day, but I think there's a rush to do so.  It would be a nice nod, but since he's no longer here to accept, I don't know that WWE will push hard to do it immediately as they usually like to use the celebrity induction as a promotional hook for the HOF.  Andy Kaufman isn't inducted either yet, likely for similar reasons.

Mike,I just read your response to the"Should Paige be fired?"question,and I read your response and the Seth Rollins comparison..but in the same vein the Hulk Hogan situation was the same.That tape was illegally obtained and distributed as well and he was terminated and the content was years old and from a time he wasn't under the employ of WWE.. Now before you say OMG but he said the "N" word!! Think of it this way..WWE divas are promoted as wholesome entertainment and role models for young girls..Many parents are going to be agast at Paige as a role model for kids after that..And I don't think it's going out on a limb to say more people have dropped an N bomb or 2 in their lives than people who have engaged in that kind of action she did for all the world to see..Parents and sponsors may not be too thrilled here..I see a double standard here.  Thoughts?

It is NOT the same situation.  Hogan was never fired by WWE because of the leaked sex tape.  In fact, the tape was well known before he was brought back to the company.  He was fired strictly because of his racially tinged language, nothing more.   So, there is no double standard.

Is it absolutely set in stone that Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles is happening at WrestleMania? Surely they must know there are better matches out there?   I'm hoping that it's discovered that Shane McMahon cannot compete due to 'injuries' from the beat down from AJ and he has to draft in a replacement. My vote is for Shinsuke Nakamura or Finn Balor. Nakamura could be the pick from NXT to make up for Samoa Joe signing for RAW. Finn Balor could be a loan from Steph to fight on Shane's behalf.  Much better and fitting for the 'ultimate thrill ride'.

The match is set in stone.  Wrestlemania is about spectacle as much as great matches.  This will be the spectacle part.

Any idea when wrestling shows started to be three hours in length?  While some run longer, most shows are three hours.  When did that become the norm?

I don't know about when but I know that with WWWF, it was usually the case because they had to be done by a certain point due to Athletic Commission regulations.

Whatever happened to former AWA star DJ Peterson?

Sadly, Peterson passed away in 1993 following a motorcycle wreck.  He was only 33 at the time.


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