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By The King Chivas on 2017-03-19 12:00:00

I attended the Northeast Wrestling show in Port Jervis, NY last night. 

Results are:

1 - Travis "Flip" Gordon pinned "Big Bacon" Brad Hollister with a 450 splash.  Nice match, crowd really got into it.  Good work from both men.

2 - The Now beat the Battle Brothers.

3 - Mandy Leon beat Maria Manic by submission in a short match.

4 - WarBeard Hanson pinned Donovan Dijak after a spinning kick.  What a physical match this was!  Hanson hit a spectacular moonsault on Dijak towards the end of this one that was a thing of pure beauty.  Match of the night for me...

5 - Ryback & Wrecking Ball Legursky fought to a double countout.  Good match, and it was nice to see Ryback against someone bigger than he is.  Ryback takes out manager Marshall McNeil with the Meathook clothesline and Shellshocked after the match.

6 - Broken Matt Hardy pinned "INKsanity" Vinny Marseglia following a Twist of Fate.  Matt was fully Broken and on fire tonight.  Lots of DELETE chants and a sing along with Matt of the Obsolete Song.  Marseglia worked very well with Hardy, both in terms of in-ring and entertainment value.  Definitely a fun match.

7- Pretty & Gritty beat Adrenaline Rush in a good tag bout.  P&G are the hometown boys and got a big reaction from the crowd, while Adrenaline Rush played the heels.

8 - "American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes pinned "The Miracle" Mike Bennett to win the Northeast Wrestling Title.  The crowd was hot for the whole match and popped big for the unexpected title change.  Maria Kanellis got involved, leading to a ref bump on an errant Rhodes superkick, before being thrown out of ringside.  Bennett almost stole it after hitting Rhodes with the title belt, but Cody would overcome to become the new champion.  Really good match.

If the show wasn't a sellout, it was damned close.  NEW is a great company and always puts on well run, professional shows and this was no different...a wonderful job by all involved!

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