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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-18 20:15:00

EVOLVE star Peter Kaasa, who has been out of action since Royal Rumble weekend when a rope broke in the ring in San Antonio, Texas as he was trying to execute an springboard maneuver against Jaka in the first match of the EVOLVE 76 iPPV, announced the following via his Facebook page:

After Kaasa crashed and burned, Jaka nailed him with a powerbomb and they went right to the finish.  Kaasa walked out of the ring under his own power.  The ring crew fixed the ropes, but both the top and middle ropes snapped during the main event that evening featuring Chris Hero and Keith Lee.   EVOLVE replaced the ring they used with another the next night for their EVOLVE 77 iPPV.  EVOLVE utilized Rudy Boy Gonzales' rings for those events in San Antonio.

Kaasa noted it was a "miracle" he was able to get back up after the injury, much less finish the match.  The fact we are well over a month later and he is still dealing with so much stiffness is not a good sign.

In response to the announcement EVOLVE's Gabe Sapolsky wrote about Kaasa, "Very inspiring how he's handling this horrible situation. Proud he is a friend."

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