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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-19 10:00:00

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I have been a fan for many years and I think that Paul Heyman is an incredible booker. He keeps up with the times and gets a lot out of talent.  ECW was supremely fun to watch and it was incredible to attend a house show.  WWE Smackdown flourished when Heyman had some influence. Why hasn’t TNA or some other organization just flat pay Paul Heyman to book for them?  Get money backers and get Paul up and running as the guy.  Seems a win-win situation there.

Money backers for pro wrestling aren’t easy to come back.  In order to pay big money to someone, you need a big revenue source and that is usually a TV deal.  There aren’t any big money TV deals out there right now.  Heyman does very well working for WWE and he did talk to TNA in the past, but Dixie Carter wouldn’t give him what he asked for.  He is happy in WWE and with his outside projects.  If the right situation came up I would think he would consider it, but it would have to be a great scenario.

Oh. Come. On. Now.That AJ/Shane fight was so silly. Was there anyone who thought that car window breaking was real? Car windows don't shatter the way that window did! But. Now. What?

Actually, last summer I was driving along and a rock hit my back window and oh yeah, it shattered just like that.  Or close to it anyway.  I don’t think many people thought it was real, but they shouldn’t since they knew they were watching a TV show.  What is next is AJ vs. Shane at Mania.

While it's great that WWE is using the Warrior award to honour inspirational individuals, Warrior's original idea was to honour the behind-the-scenes workers at WWE.  Do you think they should follow his wishes and award it to the unsung WWE employees (Jim Johnston would be perfect for this), or keep using it as they currently are?

I think that they should use it as a guide but they don’t need to stick to it completely.  Eric LeGrand has a truly inspirational story.  I have no problem with them using him.

Please explain this one to me. It seems like WWE has exceeded it's paint budget, as I think it has painted itself into too many corners.  I thought that WWE was supposed to now be "kid-friendly". But Randy Orton burns down Bray Wyatt's place, and instead of getting into any trouble, he gets rewarded with a title shot at WM! What kind of message does Vince think this sends to young people?

I think it sends a message that is similar to many of the video games that they play now.  Society isn’t what it was 20 years ago.

Also, So AJ beats up Shane, gets fired by DB, and then gets a match with Shane? Is he fired or not? If he is fired, then does that mean he will wind up on Raw? Or will his firing be forgotten, or somehow part of the storyline, and he will stay with SD? Get out the paint bucket!

There is a lot of talk that he will head to Raw after Mania but for now, he’s fired but still has a match at Mania.  Yeah, continuity isn’t their thing all of the time.  After all, remember last November when Undertaker showed up and said he was Smackdown for life, and he has only appeared on Raw since?  WWE Continuity at work.  But still, Bryan fired AJ but Shane can overrule him, which is how I interpreted what happened on Smackdown.

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