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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-18 13:46:00

Over the last several days there has been communication between the Hardy family and Anthem Media regarding the intellectual property surrounding the Broken Hardy universe material that Anthem is calling into question.

While the Anthem side obviously is not commenting, Rebecca Hardy posted the following on Twitter:





Hardy also wrote that Anthem was hurt over her ""F*** that Owl" comment, which has sparked a t-shirt Hardy is now selling.  She then closed out by repeating that phrase.

As I have written previously, this will all boil down to whatever the language of the contracts in question state. In most cases, when something of this nature actually goes before a court, the Judge will abide strictly by the wording of the contract.

If and until when the two sides actually step inside a courtroom, it's obvious the situation is going to cntinue to get more heated and frayed.   Stay tuned.

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