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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-16 10:00:00

I'm a little confused by the Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt storyline.  If all along Randy wanted to wait for the right time to screw Bray, why did you forfeit his WrestleMania match to begin with?  It literally makes zero sense. 

Your guess is as good as mine.  You could say he was playing mind games to get inside Bray's head, but again, he gave up the title shot.  So, it makes relatively little sense.

Who is now playing Suicide in TNA?

Caleb Konley was under the hood at the most recent TV tapings.

Braun Strowman has become so much better since the draft than anyone will admit they expected. He will unfortunately probably be put into the Andre Battle Royal even though he is so hot right now. How about to to give him a big moment, Braun enters and literally eliminates every other competitor? He keeps his monster aura and also the annual battle royal gets a much needed boost of importance.

I would be fine with this, as long as they continue to push Strowman after Wrestlemania, but the battle royal is pretty much the land of the misfit toys at this point and Braun deserves something better at Wrestlemania.

I think I remember reading a news article that said TNA assured a certain TV channel (maybe Spike) that they did not have Vince Russo working in their company, but once that was found to be untrue, the TV channel eventually rid themselves of TNA from their programming.  Is this true, and if so, what did the channel have against Russo?  Thank you!

The story that is often passed around is that Spike dropped Impact because they were misled that Vince Russo was no longer working for the company when he was actually working there.   Since I broke that Russo was secretly working for the company, another version that floats around is that I caused the cancellation via my reporting.  The reality is that - and I hate to defend Russo, since he has out and out lied about me in the past - Russo had no bearing on Spike dropping the company. 

When it came time to renegotiate a deal, Spike wanted to pay less money and Dixie Carter insisted on a raise in rights fees.  One source has told me she was seeking a $26 million dollar deal.  Spike refused, wanting a lesser deal (I have heard $14 and $16 million) and Carter refused and held fast.  Spike then opted to drop the series, although Carter, realizing she lost the gold mine, tried to strike a new deal with Spike all the way to the end.  It all had to do with TNA's negotiations, nothing more.  I'd love to point the finger at Russo but he had not bearing on whether the series remained at Spike or not, and that's the truth.  The blame falls at Dixie Carter's handling of the situation, based on multiple sources I've spoken to over the years.  Anything else was immaterial.

The reality is that Spike saw the way the TV and cable industry was going and wanted to cut down what they paid but Carter wanted to push for more money.   That led to the end of the Spike relationship.  Spike has looked into working with other companies, specifically for specials, but thus far, has never struck a deal.

Paige looks like she wouldn’t mind being fired.  As a WWE talent how can she go backstage to TNA shows and not be under WWE supervision during her recovery??

She shouldn't be able to and most talents would be reprimanded for such a thing.  My guess is a mixture of her injuries and the fact WWE Studios is doing a film loosely based on her life makes her immune at the moment.

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