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By Andrew Twiss on 2017-03-16 08:15:00

- ODB def. Rebel. During the match, Earl Hebner stole Rebel's hat and kissed her. He then took a swig of ODB'S flask and fell down as counted the pin. ODB kissed him after the match.

- Alberto El Patron comes out says he beat the man who couldn't be beaten. He says this is his house and he's not champion because of politics. He says he's a fighter and wants Lashley. EC3 comes out and says Alberto needs to earn his shot.  EC3 challenges Alberto, winner faces Lashley. Alberto turns him down. EC3 says he has no balls. Alberto calls him a bitch. They brawl until Alberto agrees to fight 

- 4 Way X Division match: Trevor Lee def. Suicide, Braxton Sutter, and Andrew Everett after Laurel Van Ness distracts Allie and Braxton. 

Post match: Sienna comes out and says the Romeo and Juliet romances always end tragically. Sienna says she's worse than Maria.

- Bruce Prichard comes out and says titles are won and lost in the ring, not in outer space. No one knows who the tag champs are. In two weeks  the top teams will compete for the titles (note March 30 episode by my math). Decay comes out and says they saved the titles from space and time and want what they deserve. Reno Scum come out and say they deserve the belts for beating DCC. Laredo Kid and Garza come out to stake their claim. They all brawl, but Decay clears them out. LAX appear, with two members coming from the front and three in the back. They lay out Decay.

LAX is comprised of Konnan, Homicide, Angel Rose (a Florida indy talent), Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztic.

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