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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-15 16:02:00

Border City wrestling, the Canadian promotion owned by Scott D'Amore, announced the following today:

Recently, Border City Wrestling and the Can-Am Wrestling Dojo's Scott D'Amore flew to Japan to sign a landmark deal. Deal started with new Noah Chairman Uchida-san reaching out to have Noah and BCW/Can-Am work together. They had done this in the past when Uchida-san was president of All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Kiyoshi, Kono, Soya, and Kushida all came to BCW/Can-Am through this. This is also the agreement that saw Joe Doering, Phil Atlas, WWE's Ty Dillenger, Brad Martin, and many others live and work in Japan with All Japan.

The scope of the deal grew so large that they decided to involve Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling as it was too HUGE of a project for just BCW/Can-Am. Scott was in Japan for two very productive days of meetings, a very well received press conference for the Japanese press, and was Noah and Uchida-san's guest at Noah's supershow "Great Voyage" which featured Can-Am graduate and BCW & Impact star Moose.

There he evaluated talent and with consultation with Uchida-san will choose a Noah wrestler to come live in Canada and train at Can-Am. Both parties are very excited about the potential of this working agreement moving forward and are anxious for our first talent exchange!

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