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By Paul Jordan on 2017-03-15 09:00:00

Lucha Underground seasons 1 and 2 have been officially added to Netflix today.  If you go to the TV shows section, the series can be found there.  It is listed under the reality TV genre.   You can also search for the series by title.

The series features supernatural and science fiction elements built into the telenovela style production.  Promotional material for the series notes that Lucha Underground, "introduces U.S. audiences to the high-flying, explosive moves of lucha libre. An ancient combat tradition, watch as good and evil wage war in a gritty battleground called 'The Temple'."    It is a very unique product that is built around a well crafted mythology about how lucha libre evolved from Ancient Aztec tribes that provides the series a chance to exist within it's own "universe", so to speak.

The series has brought Pentagon Jr. and Fenix to the forefront of American wrestling fans and the two have been in high demand on the independent scene while Drago has been right behind them in terms of popularity. Ricochet was pushed as the top babyface for the promotion under a mask as Prince Puma.  Rey Mysterio joined the series in the third season.  Matt Striker and Vampiro are the announcers for the series, which has featured a lot of great wrestling.

Lucha Underground is produced and distributed by United Artists Media Group with former WWE Creative team member Chris DeJoseph heading the creative aspect of the series.

The series' third season is currently airing, although it has taken a hiatus on El Rey and is set to resume new episodes this May.

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