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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-15 10:01:00

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Do you know if WWE is once again giving PPV bonuses to its stars? I ask because ever since Summer Slam they seem to add several matches at the 25th hour involving mid-carders.The matches have mostly been meaningless and thrown together or something that we could see any given week on Raw or Smackdown.  Thoughts?

They have not brought back those bonuses that I have heard (and I don’t see them doing it).  They want to load the shows up on the Network to add to the value.  Plus the pre show stuff they put on YouTube and monetize it that way as well.

I know in the past you've spoken how it was wrong of fans to want TNA (now Impact Wrestling) to fail because it'd mean less wrestling out there, guys losing their jobs, etc.  I completely understand that.  But why should fans want them to succeed?  The Billy Corgan debacle, bringing in Jeff Jarrett and friends despite the fact they have an abysmal track record in terms of running a wrestling company, now threatening the Hardys when anyone with half a brain knows they were the reason why that company was even relevant this past year.  (I'm not even a fan of the "broken" gimmick but know it.)  Including Rebecca Hardy's dad who worked for FREE in the threatened legal action was even worse.  Why should anyone take time to watch, buy a PPV, or anything else for a company that seems just as lost as before, only now with a mean streak added in?

They definitely have made that a relevant question since the start of the year.  I fully understand how they could turn you off as a fan.  They really have been their own worst enemy in 2017.  They need to turn that around quickly.

So I know this might be impossible to answer without reading Vince McMahon’s mind, but after 15 or so years of beating us over the head with the notion that WCW was this bush league company who got lucky by getting hot when Vince "took his eye off the ball", and subsequently going out of their way to prove the point over and over and over by burying almost anyone from the company who's come in, why is Bill Goldberg, arguably the least talented (by almost any measure from in ring work, to promos, to "it") of the bunch the one given the "legend" treatment? (Like imagine if Sting had gotten the booking Goldberg has gotten thus far?) So what the heck has Goldberg done to make him worthy of all he's gotten since arriving?

I think in the case of Sting, he really represented WCW so he was never going to get that treatment.  Goldberg was a shorter term star and my guess sees the nWo as the real thing that beat him down, not Goldberg and his streak.  And remember, Goldberg did come in and work for WWE after WCW went under, so he had some history.  Sting never did so my guess is Vince was never going to let a guy that could be identified with WCW come in and run roughshod over his company.  As for Goldberg, all of his wins have been quick and flukey so it’s not like total domination has occurred.

Could you see a potential scenario with AJ Styles antagonizing Shane to the point where they decide to fight each other at WM under the condition that if AJ beats Shane he gets placed in the WWE title match and it becomes a triple threat? This would be similar to what happened with Daniel Bryan in WM30. 

I would like that a hell of a lot better than AJ just wrestling Shane.  Whether it will happen, I can’t say.  I would guess no at this point.  And if the goal is to have Bray Wyatt beat Randy Orton get a rub and continue to be elevated, AJ shouldn’t be in the match anyway.

I’m really enjoying this Miz/Maryse and Cena/Nikki Bella feud. I think Miz has been killing every promo. I am enjoying how personal things have gotten because it’s giving off a vibe of reality. What have you thought about it?

I think Miz has been really good for a while now.  I like his promos and his work has been great.  I hope he gets a win over Cena at Mania.

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