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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-14 10:00:00

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Is there any thing that irritates a wrestling fan more, then WWE goes against a predication, Take some of the backlash from Charlotte and Braun Strownman's loses at Fast Lane. Isn't the whole point of wrestling is to be surprised and not to come out going "yeah I knew was going to happen". Why would anyone bother to pay for a PPV or go to an event, only to see if things go as they predicated? Not sure about you or anyone else but I watch wrestling to enjoy and be surprised by it, not to moan and groan and become a keyboard warrior when WWE does something I didn't predict.

There are times when WWE should absolutely do things by the numbers because it makes sense.  Sometimes the predictable end to a story is the right one.  Other times, there should definitely be an element of unpredictability, like back in the days when “Anything can happen in the WWF”.  I am with you.  More audibles should be called and more surprises should be given.  This year’s WrestleMania is a great example.  They could have gone in a bunch of different, in my opinion better, directions.  Instead, they stayed with the status quo.  And the product is not better because of it.

Is Anthem management the 2017 equivalent of all of the non-wrestling people that Turner put in charge of WCW over the years?

Any time someone comes into the wrestling business with no experience in it, a learning curve is to be expected.  With that said, it hasn’t been a good couple of weeks for Impact.  From Ed Nordholm tweeting out the picture of Alberto El Patron to this past week’s really bad TV show to the the ill-advised legal letters sent out concerning The Hardys, the new regime in TNA has not gotten off to a good start.  I hope that they can turn things around but weeks one and two of the “new regime” weren’t good ones.

Given how the past winners have been booked, why should we care about the Andre the Giant Battle Royal?

I feel the exact same way.  It’s great that talent will get on the show for WrestleMania, but that match hasn’t meant anything thus far.

Patrick Clark was by far the most talented and had the most potential of all the Tough Enough cast members.  However, his new flamboyant character screams mid-card at best.  What do you think of this character, and do you see it hindering him from reaching his full potential?

I think potential is great but you also need to turn that into a finished product.  He is going through that process right now.  At the end of the day, he’s in good hands and under good leadership.  I will trust the process for now.

So let me get this straight. John Cena, who always takes a lot of punishment in the ring, gets thrown into the steps by The Miz, and is so incapacitated that he cannot get into the ring while The Miz drones on and on? Am I missing something.  Boy have they screwed over AJ Styles!  And is it just me, or does the UT seem to show up on Raw more than SD? And now will have a WM match with a Raw wrestler? They might as well put him on the Raw roster!

I have no problem with Cena selling for Miz. In fact, I like it.  Undertaker definitely shows up on Raw more and it really makes the “I’m Smackdown” promo that he did before The Survivor Series look really stupid.

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