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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-13 10:00:00

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So I was wondering, what do you guys think WWE should do with the Daniel Bryan returning to the ring situation? If Bryan has his mind set on returning to the ring when his current contract expires, should WWE allow him to return to wrestling for them?  Clearly the last thing that WWE wants is for Bryan to have something happen to him while working for them. But if he is intent on wrestling, at least they could have him change his style (no flying headbutts and unnecessarily risky spots) and have him work with only certain talents that are good at protecting the other wrestler. Otherwise WWE is going to lose him to another promotion as well as all of the merchandise revenue he generates.  I think, as much as is possible, he would be safer wrestling for WWE than he would be in the indies or promotions like ROH and New Japan which tend to work very stiff.

If WWE believes that one more concussion could be catastrophic for Bryan, they simply can’t let him wrestle for them.  As a publicly traded company, it would be a PR nightmare if they allowed him to wrestle, even with a modified style, to wrestle and get that injury when they knew it could happen.  It could also give Bryan grounds for a lawsuit.  If they can clear him, then sure, he can wrestle.  But he has to be cleared first.

Does Cedric Alexander have potential to be more than just a Cruiserweight competitor in the WWE?

Sure, he is extremely talented.  It is up to the company to book him properly but he can definitely go in the ring, no doubt.

I know that what happens in the WWE boils down to what Vince McMahon says happens, but do you see a time that he starts to give SOME kind of major control to HHH and Stephanie since they will be handling the company whenever Vince passes away (and may that day be a long time in the future)?  I know that HHH does NXT but you think there will come a day that Vince would want to see how HHH and Steph does doing a WWE PPV (IE know Wrestlemania would be not in consideration for a long time but could he go like OK you guys will have 100% control on the next Money In The Bank PPV so he could see how they do?) I know it would be really hard for him to give up 100% control but still, even he has to know that he wouldn't be around forever and has to relent somewhat sooner or later.

I think as long as he is physically and mentally healthy, that won’t happen.  He likes to have full control.  He may cede some much smaller things but it won’t be much.  He likes full control and that won’t change unless his health forces it to.

Is Lucha Underground advocating violence towards women, or are they breaking new ground towards men and women being truly equal? The only concern I have is the obvious size difference that makes it easy for the men to overpower the women. It makes the match seem unfair. Awesome Kong, Beth Phoenix, Chyna, and Lita and the ECW women were somehow able to pull this off, but female wrestlers of that caliber are few and far between. Sexy Star is very good but the fact that she is so much smaller than the men makes the match seem very one-sided. It makes the men seem misogynistic. What are your thoughts?

To me, the size and muscularity differences are the key.  The business is a simulated fight and in order for it to be believable, there has to be at least some aspect that there could be competition.  You don’t get that when a 120 woman takes on a 230 pound man, no matter how good the woman is.

Vince dearly wants Roman Reigns to be a huge babyface, despite the fans reactions to him.  So why does he keep putting Reigns in situations where everyone knows the fans will boo him out of the building, such as being #30 in the Royal Rumble, and against Taker at Wrestlemania?

Damn good question.  I don’t have a good answer.  I don’t think that there is one.

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