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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-12 10:00:00

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Has WWE backed themselves into a corner with how they’ve used Goldberg. By into a corner I mean is the WrestleMania main event going to be the shortest in history? He’s won 2 matches in under a minute since his return. Surely WrestleMania 34 cannot end with a match so short?

I think even if he got into the best cardio shape possible, at 50 years old he couldn’t go all that long.  So, we could have a short main event like we did at SummerSlam.  Or, WWE could pull a card like say, Paul Heyman talking about how Brock has now vanquished the Demon and there are no challenges left when out comes the man that never lost the Title, Finn Balor, in full Demon mode.  It wouldn’t shock me if they have something like that planned.

Do you think the reason why Vince McMahon refuses to turn Roman Reigns heel is because Reigns' biggest fans are children and that a Reigns heel turn would alienate Reigns' young fanbase?

That is part of it, for sure.  He markets to kids and Roman is a kid’s character.  I also think part of it, at least a little bit, is due to him not wanting to give in to the fans that hijack his shows.  With that said, unless he is going to have Reigns job to Undertaker, perhaps in an effort to appease the older fans that hate Roman, it could get ugly at WrestleMania. 

In your opinion who is getting screwed worse for Wrestlemania, AJ Styles or Kevin Owens?  These two guys have been on fire in each and every aspect of the business for the whole year, and what do they get for their hard work? A stiff kick in the balls for the both of them. Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens I think can be a hell of a match, but it should be for the Universal Title and be KO's next big step.  As far as AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon, there's really nothing for AJ to gain. I'm sure it will be some sort of street fight type of match so Shane could plausibly have a chance to win, and I'm sure Shane will take a crazy bump or two. But by beating Shane, AJ gains nothing and if he's booked to lose I will put my fist through the TV and never watch WWE again.

On the one hand, Styles carried the Smackdown brand for the year and should be in the Title match in my view.  The fact that he isn’t is a travesty.  With that said. Vince sees any match with a member of his family as being a main event, so he is “rewarding” AJ.  In Owens’ case, he has been booked really poorly, as a cowardly champion.  Then, he had his Title taken off of him in a farce of a match.  So I will have to go with Owens. 

I just saw the videos WWE put on social media about Finn Balor’s return. The fact that a guy like him returns from injury on a house show made me wonder if WWE completely lost interest in 'surprise returns'? I think many people watch(ed) WWE because there was always a slight chance that something unexpected happened. That changed over the last years as they always advertise the returns they have in store. I get the logic but it also takes something special away from them.

Here’s the thing, if Balor returns on Raw, how does he not immediately go after the Title he never lost? There is no logical reason for him to do that.  And if they have someone attack him, it just seemed forced and contrived.  If it’s me, I keep him off TV until after Mania unless he will be involved in the Title match.  If they want to make sure that the Title match goes more than a few minutes, maybe they will decide to insert him in it.

I have seen a lot of talk about how Jeff Jarrett is bringing "old school" booking to Impact Wrestling, which I welcome, but I have to ask what do you think that means?  All I remember about Jarrett being a Booker is excessive run-ins and gimmicks.  Compared to his previous experience in  WCW and early TNA how do you interpret his old school booking taking shape today?

I think when people say that they were looking back to the old USWA days.  But ever since Jeff has been in power, he hasn’t booked that way.  He is more Russo-esque in how he does things.  And this week’s Impact was definitely not an old school kind of show.  It sure seems like we have more of what we saw on Thursday ahead of us, not return to a Memphis Wrestling.

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