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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-11 10:00:00

Given the somewhat nebulous announcement of all the women on the SD roster in the Mania match and the fact that Asuka is working some main roster shows in the lead up, do you think it's likely Asuka makes her Main Roster debut at Mania and captures that belt in her first match? 

Asuka is working the live events to replace the injured Naomi.  I don't see her debuting at Wrestlemania.  I think the NXT women's division needs her far more right now.

Also do you think there's still a chance that AJ and Harper end up in the SD title match?  I can see a scenario where AJ threatens to sue over breach of contract (he competed in a match and was told he won his way in) and all Harper needs to do is show the footage of AJ hitting the ground first to do the same.


So, Whatever happened to Petey Williams?

Williams retired in July 2014 to take a job outside of the wrestling industry.

Is Matt Striker trying too hard to be dramatic? He's a bit over-the-top in his delivery. Kind of sounds like he's in over his head. I think he'd do much better as a color commentator than a play-by-play announcer. What do you think?

It's just the style he delivers.  If he tries too hard, it's because he cares about what he's doing.  I think he does a good job on Lucha Underground.

Does Renee Young have any off camera or backstage duties?

Beyond preparing for her segments, no.

Is it just me, or could WWE have created a great heel tag team with Rusev/Mahal?  And don't you think they could make a monster out of Mahal…or is it too late?

It's possible but Rusev's future is as a singles star.  I think they've scorched the Earth with Mahal far too often.  They are coming considerably closer to scorching Earth with Rusev as well.

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