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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-10 10:00:00

What happened to Dan Matha and Emma? I know they just showed a promo for her on Raw but it still doesn't change the fact they wasted nearly three months of valuable TV time that could have went to someone or something more deserving only to have her come out finally, dessert the character altogether, announce she's going back to her original persona and still not wrestle for who knows how long. All right before Mania with no expected Mania payoff. And then there's Dan Matha. They built him up for weeks to be this God among men made of pure twisted steel and granite only for Samoa Joe to run through him like a football team running through a paper banner on his debut only never to be seen it heard of again.

Matha is still in WWE developmental.   They opted to drop the Emmalina character and go with the character she was doing before her back injury, which honestly was pretty damn good to begin with.

So Alexis is supposed to fight every available woman on the SD roster. When that came up I looked at the women's roster on SD, and it really looked kind of thin, especially compared with the Raw roster. Since we have seen every SD woman almost every week, do you think there will be much anticipation for this match at WM?

I think it will be an undercard match that WWE is designing to try and get as many of the women from the Smackdown roster on the show as possible.  I can't blame them for that, especially since they have been working so hard.

Any news on a celebrity HOFer or the Warrior Award?

Nothing yet.   They have one more Hall of Famer to announce this Monday before they get to those.

Was the agreement to get Goldberg to come back that he would get to destroy the top people, win the title & main event Wrestlemania as champion? Or is that just Vince deciding to book it that way?

Goldberg didn't demand to work Wrestlemania.  That's silly.  They are simply booking him the right way, something they failed to do during his first run.

Why did Booker T and Goldust lose the tag titles so suddenly back in 2003?  They spent half the year of 2002 trying to win them, finally do at Armageddon, only to lose them 3 weeks later and eventually split as a team.  Really loved them as a team.

Creative had nothing for them.

Do you think the reason why Vince McMahon refuses to turn Roman Reigns heel is because Reigns' biggest fans are children and that a Reigns heel turn would alienate Reigns' young fanbase?

No, it's because he envisioned Roman as the centerpiece babyface for the company and has, thus far, stuck to that vision.

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